How a Business Email Address Can Attract More Customers

  •    Carmen is a full time digital marketer currently focused on technology that helps small business.

Now that you’ve created a website, how can you continue building your professional online identity? Take the next step by setting up a business email address that matches your domain name, such as You’ll look more polished and credible – instantly – while sowing the seeds to grow brand awareness. And since Weebly offers email for your domain from Google Apps for Work, getting a business address couldn’t be easier or faster.

Make the Right First Impression

If you don’t have business email yet, you’re probably using a personal account to communicate with customers, partners, and other contacts. But consider the difference between (a personal Gmail address) versus (a custom business address). Which one looks more professional? Which one suggests that the company in question is established and is here to stay? In short, which one inspires confidence?

For many consumers, a domain-based email address like is a sign of legitimacy, which can help establish trust, according to research by Google and Zogby Analytics. No surprise, then, that 60% of the businesses they surveyed saw an increase in customer engagement after switching to a professional email address, while 42% noticed an uptick in sales.

Create a Name for Yourself

Just like your website, logo, or business card, your email address should reflect and support your larger brand image and goals. Every email is another opportunity to get your unique business name in front of potential customers, helping them recognize and remember it. And on a more practical level, your email address can direct people to your website. Nowadays, even the computer-unsavvy know that a business’ URL typically appears after the @ symbol in its email address.

​Reach More Inboxes

Will you use an email marketing solution to reach large numbers of customers or prospects at once? If you send them from a personal email address like, many of your messages won’t be delivered. That’s because free email services like Gmail and Yahoo Mail have adopted policies intended to protect their users from phishing and fraud.

These efforts are good for everyone, including businesses like yours, but they can also hamper legitimate marketing campaigns. Luckily, there’s a way to help ensure that your newsletters, sale alerts, and other promotional messages arrive safely at their destinations: Send them from an email address that matches your domain.

Protect Your Business

Switching from a personal email address to a domain-based business email will give you enhanced tools for keeping your business data safe and secure. For example, the business version of Gmail (included in the Google Apps for Work suite) offers more layers of protection than personal Gmail, such as data loss prevention and mobile device management.

There’s another security-related advantage of business email, and it’s a big one. Administrators can create addresses for as many team members as they want (,, etc.) and centrally manage everyone’s accounts. So if an employee leaves your organization, all of their emails and attachments stay with you. If they use personal Gmail or another free email service, you run the risk of them taking important information with them.

Keep Things Simple

Getting all the benefits of domain-based business shouldn’t be a hassle, and that’s why Weebly has teamed up with Google Apps for Work. You can set up your new address with just a couple of clicks and manage it in the same place as your website – no separate login required. It’s just another tab within the Weebly dashboard you already know.

Ready for a business email address? Add one to your Weebly account using Google Apps today!