7 Holiday Promotion Ideas for Your Small Business

  •    Michelle is Sales & Marketing Specialist at Beeketing, the platform of marketing apps that helps small & medium businesses grow.

The holiday countdown is here as eCommerce merchants are decking out for the most festive shopping period of the year. E-commerce sales for the 2017 holiday season are projected to reach $114 billion.

But, this growth shrouds the challenges faced by many small business owners: how to compete with eCommerce giants? How to close out the year on a high note? I know it can be stressful, especially that the holiday’s just around the corner. Don’t panic — if you're not sure where to begin, this article will help.

Pick up a cup of hot cocoa and read these 7 holiday promotion ideas to deliver exceptional shopping and finish the year off profitable.

1 - Early Bird Offers

More than half of holiday shoppers begin their holiday research in October or earlier. You can provide early bird offers to target shoppers who want to avoid the stress of last-minute shopping.

Early bird offers are more attractive than regular deals because shoppers see them as an opportunity to lessen their expense for the same product.

Just like Jococups early bird campaign to encourage customers to shop early and save.

Jococups Black Friday banner

2 - Holiday Gift Guides

Shoppers buying from small businesses will have an average $888 worth of gifts for their family and friends. With shoppers busy looking for their gifts, providing holiday gift guides is a perfect idea to promote your holiday products.

Instead of creating your own, you can opt for submitting your products to gift guide curators or bloggers in your niche. Most of them encourage small businesses to participate. You can send product samples to them in exchange for getting featured in their holiday gift guides.

3 - Unique Daily Deals

50% of holiday shoppers expect limited-time promotions. So, why not make your holiday deals more exciting by posting a different deal daily? Enticingly cut down the price of a different item every day for a limited-time only to increase buyer’s urgency and not to hurt your profitability.

Make sure that your visitors won’t miss out your deals. You can prime your visitor about your holiday promotion by adding entry popups to your website. This way visitors will become aware that they have access to discounts before they even start shopping.

Take this example from Giomo & Co, they use Better Coupon Box to promote their campaign: Halloween 24-Hour Flash Sale!

Better Coupon Box pop up for sale

4 - Holiday Product Bundles

Holiday shoppers always conduct price comparisons to get the best deals. Offering holiday product bundles or creating holiday gift baskets will simplify their buying decision. It’ll drive them to immediate purchase because of the thinking that they’ll save more if they buy more.

A good product bundling starts with strong up-selling and cross-selling techniques. Make sure that your bundled packages are relevant or complementary. Don’t forget to emphasize the savings. Also, offer your bundles at the checkout counter to drive impulse buying.

Here’s an example of a Black Friday cross-sell offer using Boost Sales.

Black Friday offer with Boost Sales app

5 - Niche Influencers’ Reviews

For small business owners, it might be expensive to tap influencers with large followings. As an alternative, look for niche influencers within your industry and partner with them during the holidays to promote your products and holiday deals.

Niche influencers aren’t as big as mega-influencers, however, they work as effective because they directly impact your target audience. Typically, niche influencers don’t ask for monetary compensation. What you can do is to send them free samples in exchange for reviews.

6 - Holiday User-generated Content

Leverage on your social followers by looking at holiday user generated contents (UGCs). Look for last year’s positive testimonials, photos or videos posted by shoppers regarding your store or product. Then, repost them on your social media accounts to drive potential shoppers to purchase.

If you don’t yet have UGCs, you can share positive holiday stories of social media users. For example, Macy’s used UGCs of those who believed in Santa. Their holiday UGC promotion generated 7.3 million engagements.

7 - Standout Holiday Contest

Conducting online contests is a smart way to reach your target audience without hard selling. The psychology why it works is because people are unconsciously being exposed to your brand. In fact, brands see a 66% increase in contest submissions during the holidays.

To stand out, implement an out-of-the-ordinary holiday contest. Start with a photo contest such as “share your best holiday costume” or a timeline holiday contest.

Merry and Bright Ideas

People are in the mood to splurge during the biggest online shopping season of the year. The question is: how will your small business compete and win over the holiday shoppers?

The above 7 real-world holiday promotion ideas will guide you to create actionable strategies during the holiday season. Coupled with creativity and proven strategies, your holiday season will be merry and bright!