How to Set Up a GoFundMe Campaign

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Are you looking to start an online fundraising campaign? You've probably done your research on the best platform for your cause. GoFundMe, one of the top platforms for crowdfunding, is great for creating appealing and attention-grabbing projects.

If you're new to GoFundMe, or crowdfunding in general, getting started is simple. Once you've decided on your cause, it's a matter of signing up and creating a visually attractive campaign page.

Step One: Create Your Campaign

Sign up for a GoFundMe account here. Once you've signed up, you'll set up the basics of your campaign:

Create Your GoFundMe Campaign

Choose your fundraising goal amount, a campaign title and category. Your category can fall under a range of options such as nonprofit, education, events and more.

*Tip: Use a catchy title that grabs attention and is also descriptive of your campaign goals.

Step Two: Add Photos and Videos

Photos and videos will contribute to the impact of your campaign. One photo is required, but you should add several.

Add Photos and Videos to Your GoFundMe Campaign

Your default photo will be the first impression people have of your campaign, so make sure it's clear and high-quality. Don't forget to include the people or situations involved.

*Tip: Use professional photos or videos when possible—the higher the quality, the more they'll stand out on the front page.

Step Three: Tell Your Story

Your pictures and videos will tell a story, but here is your chance to go into detail about your campaign.

GoFundMe Campaign

In your description, you should include:

  • Who are you (or your organization)
  • How the money will be used
  • How soon you need the funds
  • What this cause means to you
  • Any rewards or incentives for donating

Reward Levels

You can offer rewards for donations by setting up reward levels. These can help incentivize donors to receive prizes for higher donations.

GoFundMe Rewards

Step Four: Share Your Campaign

You'll need to get your campaign in front of as many people as possible. You can post to social media directly through GoFundMe via their integrated apps:

Share Your GoFundMe Campaign

our friends and family will be the most likely to support your campaign, especially if you are heavily invested in the cause. Sharing your campaign with your immediate network should be your first step once your page is complete.

Even if your family and friends can't donate, they can contribute by sharing your campaign so it can be as widespread as possible.

You can also share through email or other networks. Try to add a personal message and make sure you're not spamming your family or coworkers with frequent requests.

Step Five: Keep Your Community Engaged

By posting regular updates to your campaign and social media, you can keep your interest high for the duration of the campaign.

GoFundMe Campaign

Posting updated photos, videos or progress updates is a great way to keep your community invested and attract new donors.

Once your campaign is up and running, make sure to show your appreciation to donors with a personal message or reward. GoFundMe is a great platform to raise money for important causes, so following these simple steps can have your campaign ready to go in minutes!