Shape Up Your Online Store: FREE Mobile Product Photography Class!

  •    Alena Courtney is a Content Marketing and Organic Growth Manager at Weebly.

We see it too often: ugly product photos that can ruin an otherwise beautiful online store. Dark or poorly staged shots (crinkled bed sheets ring a bell?) can also put a big dent in potential sales, diminish your brand and leave you with inventory collecting dust. Bad images can also lead to an influx of customer questions and higher return rates.

We know nailing a perfect shot is a huge hurdle for entrepreneurs and that’s why Weebly is here to help you do what we do best: make product photography simple and affordable.

Weebly teamed up with our creative friends over at Brit + Co to create a FREE e-class with tips, tricks and hacks on how to master product photography. The best part? You don’t need any fancy equipment or an expensive DSLR camera. All you need is the smartphone likely sitting within arm’s reach and a little creativity around your home or office space. Here’s a look at what you can learn in this free class:

But wait… there’s more!

Our partnership with Brit + Co kicks off Weebly’s Product Boot Camp Week on social media. We’ll be sharing articles that will help you not only perfect your product photography, but give you insights on how to build a beautiful product page on your Weebly site, how to organize categories, implementing product reviews and product recommendations to boost sales. Plus learn how to maximize the exposure of your latest products straight from your Weebly store to social media.

We hope this week helps our entrepreneurs double down on making a beautiful, shoppable and highly trafficked online store. Join us April 3rd by following #SmallBizBootCamp on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as we kick off our boot camp (no push-ups required) and be sure to share your gorgeous new shots with us so we can share them as well by tagging @weebly and @britandco. Happy snapping!

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