Free Merchandizing 101

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The best things in life are for free, also when it comes to ways of making money. You’d think that merchandize was connected to a good deal of up-front investment and lots of tshatshke when it comes to things like creation, production and fulfilment. We’ve found an easy solution that has you create merch for free and in next to no time. And, you know, even sell it and make money.

The power of merchandizing lies in the ability to promote your brand and win influence over customers. It’s a sweet vehicle of sending out messages in an environment where it falls on sympathetic eyes. Spreadshop by Spreadshirt, a global custom-printing merchandiser, puts the power in your hands to create quality products that showcase your brand and ideas.

Making Influence Count for Business

Any message you send about your brand or product adds value to your venture. And since the way we dress is one of our most important means of self-expression, what better way than transporting your brand message on custom clothing? It’s only that printing custom apparel has been attached to high up-front costs, storage and insecurity about sizes and product colours in the past. You had to place an order of hundreds of items to get the price down through a volume discount – it just wasn’t pretty.

Today, you can take the reins into your own hands, and do things your way:

3-fold Case for Print-On-Demand Merchandizing ​

1. Free white-label shop solution

Offer your designs or company logo online in a free white-label shop that can be set up in a matter of clicks. Take a couple of minutes to personalize your merchandise with your images and text, or choose one of many templates to create exactly what you are looking for. Once your Shop is set up, you can start selling straight away.

2. Off-the-cuff creation of merch

Connect with your customers and staff in a highly personalized way. Choose from 150+ products to curate your own clothing line that meets people’s needs 100%. Whether you’re looking to give your own staff the chance to order uniform company clothing or equip customers with branded clothing – the choice is yours to cater to different events or peer groups. You can always make changes to your shop window and create the merchandise they need for any occasion.

3. Making at least 20% with every sale

Spreadshop by Spreadshirt’s commission structure guarantees shop owners a sales commission of 20% for every item sold. In addition, you can earn on volume sales with a bonus that gets to a higher percentage level the more sales you make. To you this means a sales opportunity with merchandizing to a) sell lots of gear in a short period of time without any costs involved, and b) an additional income that keeps getting better the more you sell.