Find and Keep Customers with Social Media and Email

  •    TJ runs Refine Digital, a content marketing firm that helps technology executives share their expertise.

When you are getting ready to launch a product or service, your goal is to have as many people who are interested in your product lined up to hear about it. Then when you need to increase sales, you want a list of people who appreciate your brand and company. Social media can help you find these prospects quickly, but email allows you to create and keep a long-standing relationship with them. Here are three ways you can try:

  1. Invite people to sign up for special offers or pre-orders. You can do this via special landing pages that are built to collect emails. This is why it is important for your social media posts to encourage people to click through to your website. You are using social media to tell people about the special offer, but also to click through to an email signup page where you will collect their email and build a more direct relationship than some platforms allow.

TIP: Frequently, you will see people on Instagram change the link in their bio, and mention it in the most current post, pointing followers to a special website link — this is critical since you cannot hyperlink directly within an Instagram post. Other platforms, such as, Twitter or Facebook allow you to embed directly in your post, so it is easy to drive traffic to a special landing page or offer directly.

  1. Ask for a share. Once people sign up for your email to get on an update list or to receive pre-order details, your first follow-up email should include a request for them to share the information with others via social media or email. Your emails should include links to social posts and vice versa.

You can make it easy on them by having a pre-written tweet or Instagram repost link within the “thanks for signing up" email that is sent automatically (also known as an “auto-responder"). Many marketing bloggers consider these pre-written calls-to-action to be essential to the process of expanding your email list – calls to action deliver additional email signups.

TIP: Create an autoresponder in your email setup (see detailed instructions in the Weebly Help Center here): Set Up Automated Emails.

  1. Create a VIP Program. As you find people who are passionate about your product category, you will come across individuals who are quite influential within the niche – also known as “influencers." For these super-connected and knowledgeable people, create a VIP program by granting early access to the product or service in exchange for recommending friends (via email referral links) and post referral link badges from their blogs to yours.

TIP: When you reach out to influencers, focus on them, and not on yourself, or your company or how your product/service is changing the world. Do not move so fast that you scare them off, but just as you would with a customer, work on building the relationship first before you ask for their help.

Social media provides immediate and powerful ways to connect and engage with your potential customers, and using the above tips can help you to build a long-term relationship. Email and social media are more than just relationship tools, they are assets that you can use to continue growing your business.