Expanding Teacher-Family Connections With Technology

  •    Sandy is a 5th grade teacher at Woodland Elementary School in Brooklyn Park, MN. She has been teaching for 21 years.

It’s important for teachers to use tools to bridge the gap between classroom learning and technology. It’s even more important to make sure these new education opportunities are communicated effectively to student families.

Remind also lets me attach photos of class activities to parents. This helps make the written content from the website come alive with visuals, and can be sent to the student’s family through email or text message.

With technology, you can make a classroom website come alive as a communication tool for parents and a resource for connecting student voices to the greater community. You’ll be amazed at the increased traffic to your classroom website if you use technology to make it easy for families to engage and visit.

Using Remind on the iPhone

I teach 5th grade and have a great group of students and parents. My website documents the numerous ways we connect outside our classroom, from Mystery Skype and TodaysMeet discussions to student Twitter chats. This is the first year I have used my class website for both sharing information and linking resources for students. Anything I want them to access, I add a link to that particular website page.

With this new technology, it’s more important than ever for parents to see what we’re doing and keep up to date on what’s new in the classroom. I don’t shy away from technology when I want to connect my students to the world outside of our classroom, and when I need to inform my students’ families about what happens inside it. Remind is my tool of choice for keeping families updated. Remind lets me share updates, like links to student blog posts, via text message directly to the parents. I like the ability to share updated website information with all of my families at once. It’s helpful for busy parents to know when there’s something new, checking it out on their own time. I appreciate the freedom and flexibility of using either my iPhone or iPad to push out these website reminders when I'm on the go.