Conduct Real Business from Your Mobile Device

  •    Michelle is a web developer and freelance writer. She covers enterprise technology, big data, security, and website development.

Working from an office is sometimes a luxury when you're running a small business. Thankfully, your mobile device can help you do real work while on the go. Web-based platforms combined with mobile apps bring the office to the palm of your hand.

Manage Finances

Create estimates, track expenses, issue invoices and more with Freshbooks and Zoho Invoice. You can even generate estimates and track business transactions online or from your mobile device. Other features allow you to easily convert estimates to invoices and send via email. Time tracking tools for both services let you to convert time tracked to line items on customer invoices. Both services offer online payment integration and are available on iOS and Android. Thanks to a web-based dashboard, you can work from any location with an Internet connection.

Organize Information

Evernote is a hosted platform for storing and organizing notes. You can save, share and sync important information in one place. An Evernote notebook contains multiple notes. Individual notes can be tagged for fast retrieval later. Grouping multiple notebooks into a Notebook Stack allows you to keep like information together. Notes and notebooks can be shared via email or through a private address only you and your collaborators use. Evernote also has a new live chat feature called Work Chat. Built for collaboration, Work Chat connects multiple users to notes and entire notebooks in real time. Work Chat conversations are saved with notes for future reference.

Image Editing

Inkpad is full featured image editor for iPad. You can use Inkpad to edit product images for your store or annotate screenshots while answering technical support questions. You can easily edit photos for social media. Skitch for Android can be used in the same way. Inkpad is only available on iOS. Skitch is available on both iOS and Android.

Project Management

Asana is a project management tool for teams. You can create multiple projects and assign tasks to team members easily online or on your mobile device. Asana's organization features allow you to schedule multiple tasks assigned to different team members and view them in one team calendar. Alerts remind you when important project tasks are due. You can use Asana to plan and manage your social media initiatives, email marketing promotion schedule, or blog editorial calendar. Asana is available for iOS and Android.

Customer Support

Desk is a hosted help desk with social media integration that can help you provide stellar customer support even when you're away from the office. You can track and reply to support requests sent via email or over social media and easily assign support cases to agents through the web or mobile interface. Desk is available for both iOS and Android.