11 Ways Your Business Can Celebrate Women's History Month

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March is Women's History Month and that's something to celebrate! Women have made a huge difference in society, and although it would be great if we celebrated them 365 days a year, this month is an opportune time to honor women. This year's theme is: "Nevertheless, She Persisted: Honoring Women Who Fight All Forms of Discrimination Against Women." Here are 11 ideas for how your business can give women the honor and accolades that they deserve.

1. Celebrate your female employees on your social media accounts. Do you have female employees or business partners who make a difference in your business, or who have overcome obstacles in their own lives that would inspire others? Tell their stories on your blog, website or social media sites. You can also include stories about the 2018 Women's History Month honorees. Their stories will inspire you.

2. Donate to a women-focused charity. And don't keep that donation quiet. Encourage your customers or social media followers to do the same. Here's a list of charities to help you get started.

3. Ask your clients or social media followers to share their stories of triumphant women. These stories can be about women who helped their careers, who inspired them or women they know who overcame adversity. Feature some of your favorite stories in a blog post.

4. Once a week, share an inspiring quote from a woman. This can be a quote from a great female entrepreneur in your business's particular field or a quote from a nationally or locally recognized female activist. Apps like Stencil and Canva can help you create beautiful quote templates.

5. Take an hour or two off to volunteer at a women's charity. Putting your money where your mouth is, so to speak, is a great way to show you truly believe in a cause.

6. Host a special breakfast or lunch for your female entrepreneurs. You can even make it a bigger event and invite all your business partners or clients to an awards luncheon, where you present awards to your inspiration female entrepreneurs.

7. Host a fundraiser for a women's charity. This is a way to go a step beyond donating and get the whole community involved. If you have limited resources, consider doing an online fundraiser through social media. Or collect gently used clothing to support a charity like Dress for Success, which seeks to empower women and help them achieve economic independence. Almost everyone has gently used clothing to give away.

8. If you have employees, encourage them to write a thank-you note. These letters or cards could be to a woman who made a difference in their lives. You can even provide special stationery just for the occasion. Give them ideas, like writing a note to their mom, grandmother or a favorite teacher.

9. Host a women's panel. Consider an event for your community or a smaller panel just for your employees. Ask three or four women entrepreneurs to briefly speak at the panel about their secrets for success and then answer questions.

10. Connect to a local women's leadership conference. Choose one or two women from work or in your community to attend and pay for their expenses. You can even ask staff or people in your community to nominate women that they think should go. If this isn't quite your style, consider having your business sign up to be a sponsor for a women's conference. Local conferences will cost less to sponsor than national ones.

11. Promote local networking opportunities for women. Find a list of women's networking events and groups in your area and share this list with your employees and your social media followers. If any of your employees attend, ask them to write about their experiences and share their story online.

As you can see, there are numerous ways that your business can celebrate Women's History Month. Many of these ideas don't even require a big budget, just a willingness to tell others about how what a big difference women have made in the community, the country and the world.