Oopsy Daisies – 5 Small Branding Mistakes That Cost You A Lot

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You’re going to have many operational troubles as you begin to establish your business. You’ll have many victories as well; but if you’re always putting out small fires, it may be difficult for you to reach sustainable operations. In order to be more sustainable, you want to take control of every aspect defining how your business runs.

One of the most important aspects of operations pertains to marketing. You simply must become visible. Marketing in the modern age requires branding, and proper branding has become increasingly reliant on technological solutions like SEO. To that end, following are five tiny mistakes businesses make that cost a lot, but can be corrected.

Oopsy Daisies – 5 Small Branding Mistakes That Cost You A Lot

1 - Refraining From Personalization

Content you design for online marketing purposes should be based around user profiles. It should also take into account the kind of device a user is accessing your website from, and the sort of behavior which regularly characterizes that user’s interaction.

Facilitation of personalization in design is an integral marketing component today. More consumers increasingly prefer content that is relevant to their interests. Personalization then represents the next step in marketing and is incredibly beneficial in numerous ways.

A user who sees that which they’re looking for immediately upon accessing your site has a higher likelihood of making a purchase. So work with PR and SEO organizations toward fuller personalization.

2 - Neglecting SEO Solutions

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, has become a staple of modern marketing. It’s cost-effective and remains on the internet, meaning cumulative possible benefits compound given time and continuous SEO implementation.

There are a lot of ways to maximize SEO, here is a guide to achieving higher rankings. One thing to remember is that SEO isn’t just about content creation, it also has to do with website design. Your home site needs to be easy for a search engine to find. You want your site top-ranked to drive traffic your way.

3 - Improperly Utilizing Brand Power

Through SEO techniques in conjunction with other modern branding strategies, you can truly build your brand’s online reputation. Many businesses don’t utilize the power of their brand, and it’s a big mistake. A brand acts like a mental .ZIP file. Do you remember .ZIP files? They condensed larger files for easier digital transfer online in the late 90s/early 00s.

Well, what do you think of when you hear the words “just do it”? How about “I’m lovin’ it”? Likely, you just thought of Nike and McDonald’s, two brands with simple logos and slogans that immediately affect viewers. A big yellow “M” may make you hungry. A red yellow check-mark may get you thinking about sporting events.

You want your brand to be so definitive in the mind of a potential customer. This means having as ever-present a marketing presence as you can have digitally. As you expand, so will the power of your brand. You want to lean on that increasingly over time. Neglecting to do so will cost your organization in the long run.

4 - Failure To Determine Guidelines Defining Brand

As you go about building your brand, you may want to look into PR branding trends to help determine proper brand design guidelines. The color scheme is important. If you’re a sustainable living solutions company, you’ll likely want to look into a scheme which heavily features green. If you’re in the food industry, you want hunger-inducing colors.

You’ll want to determine the message that characterizes your brand, and you’ll want that message to be simple, effective, inclusive, and memorable. Again, PR consultancy can help you make the best decisions in these areas.

5 - Overcomplicating Things

Keep it simple. You want a slogan and symbol that’s easy to ingest, not complicated. Verizon’s catch-phrase “Can you hear me now?” simultaneously works as a slogan. It simply sums up what Verizon does. The Verizon “V” and that phrase are easily identifiable. Many clients develop simply from familiarity. Make your brand as simple and communicative.

Overcomplicating Things


With a simple, cohesively designed brand that puts its increasing power to good use, employs SEO solutions, and personalized websites, you’re likely to see increased profit and maximized value in marketing expenses. They say the devil is in the details, and that’s very true with marketing. So be sure to consider all aspects.