Boost Your Online Business with These Creative E-Classes

  •    Sarah is a Commerce Marketing Associate at Brit + Co.

So you’ve built your own website, perhaps your own online store, and your confidence is sky high, you’re feeling like a creative genius! Learning new technology, the art of dragging and dropping and the courageous step of pushing publish on your site takes time, patience and the ability to often times master a new skill. If you’ve made it across that finish line, congrats!

But now that your site is alive and online, don’t slow down. It’s the perfect time to continue to improve your website by boosting those DIY skills that can help build your brand and online business.

Here are five online tutorial classes from the creative gurus at Brit + Co that can help you take your site and store to the next level. Don’t forget to use the special discount code, WEEBLY, as we celebrate your next step in living a more creative life! ​​

​Learn Your Brand Identity

Image of Design Your Brand Identity Class

What sets you apart from the pack? It’s important to understand why someone should read your blog over the thousands of others or spend money on your store over a major retail brand. Learning how to own your story and understand what makes your site unique, special and worthy of visits and sales is a vital step in growing your business. Learn how to Build a Brand Identity here.

Be an Adobe Master

Image of Logo Design In Adobe Illustrator Class

A simple mention of Adobe can strike fear into people who think this suite of tech is out of their reach and over their head. We’re here to tell you it’s not AND these skills can really help the overall look and feel of your site. The Illustrator class is is an easy way to learn how to design your own logo, bring in brand colors, and create your own digital assets for free. The Photoshop workshop will demystify all those icons and tools and teach you how to edit, create polaroids and create graphics you can use across your site and on social media.

Image of DSLR Photography Class

Beautiful, high-quality photos are one of the most important elements to a successful site or online store. Visitors will make judgements on whether they like your brand and want to shop there within 3-5 seconds of visiting a website. That’s why it’s crucial your photos dazzle! In this Intro to DSLR camera class, you can learn how to create the perfect lighting in your own home and know when to use different settings. It’s the perfect time to dust off your camera or borrow one from a friend!

Build Your Brand on Social

Image of Build Your Brand On Social Media Class

What does your brand sound and look like on Facebook, Youtube and Twitter and how should they all be different? It can be overwhelming to know how to present your brand on every social media outlet, but it can be a vital part of growing your business and acquiring new fans or customers. In this online class, an expert will walk you through how to build an editorial calendar and understand where to focus your limited time and energy when it comes to social media.

Looking for something else?

Brit +Co all about helping empower you to create, make and do it yourself! Check out all of our Tech and Business classes and find one that will help you fill in the gaps of growing your business.

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