Best Project Management Software for 2017

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Are you looking for an all-in-one platform to manage client communication and team tasks? Whether you're a small business, home-based company or large corporation, investing in project management software can help streamline your business as a whole.

In addition to managing team members and collaboration in your department, the client-facing side of most project management tools can give transparency and open lines of communication to your clients. It will help organize and increase efficiencies of projects by listing tasks, due dates and feedback on both sides.

There's a large variety of project management platforms in today's market, so we'll outline some of the best available below.

1. ActiveCollab

ActiveCollab is a project management application with an extensive list of features. It offers everything from task management, time tracking, team collaboration portals and invoice management. You can track client payments within ActiveCollab with their PayPal and credit card integrations.

Cost: Plans starts at $25/month.

2. Basecamp

Basecamp is perhaps the most well-known of the available project management platforms. Not only is it user-friendly for both beginners and experts, it makes it simple to create internal and client-side projects and dashboards. You can build discussions, task lists and file sharing on your PC or your mobile with its responsive features.

Cost: Basecamp plans starts at $99/month.

3. Asana

If your company employs a lot of remote workers and freelancers, Asana is the perfect project management tool for you. It eliminates email clutter by using task lists, file sharing and due dates in one platform that integrates with Google Drive, Box and Dropbox. Their iOS and Android apps are also easy-to-use for updating tasks on the go.

Cost: Free up to 15 team members; paid Asana plans start at $8.33/month per member.

4. Freedcamp

Freedcamp can be used for everything from corporate project planning to personal task management. Their dashboards are a clean way to view your project overview, and it's incredibly simple to set tasks and reminders within their calendar tool. If you're a large business, you can also take advantage of add-ons like invoice management and CRM software.

Cost: Freedcamp is free to start with and only add-ons are chargeable.

5. Teamwork Projects

If your business is comprised largely of separate departments or teams, Teamwork Projects can help you manage projects and collaboration seamlessly.

Store tasks and files in one place, with easy discussion and feedback tools built into your separate projects. You can also access a task calendar and set up custom project time management as well as weekly or monthly reporting throughout the length of the project.

Teamwork supports Google Drive, and Dropbox, depending on your preference, and can integrate your own accounting software and customer support applications.

Cost: Plans start at $49/month.

6. Trello

If you're a more visual person, Trello is worth a look. This project management tool lets you look at your entire project in one visual view. You create boards for each project and add cards for task lists, feedback or just random thoughts that everyone can see for ultimate collaboration.

Cost: Trello is free, but offers a gold package at $45/year for more features.

Before you sign up for project management software, be sure to understand just what you need, whether it's simple task management, larger team collaboration, client-facing software or extra features. Knowing this will help you choose the best project management tool to increase workflow efficiencies.