Best Invoicing Software for 2017

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As a business owner, you've probably researched or even tried more than one invoicing software program. The importance of invoicing customers is obvious—how will you get paid and keep track of profits without an efficient program?

Luckily, there are a lot of options on the market, for both large and small businesses. The downside of an influx of options: which do you choose? We've compiled a list of the best invoicing software for 2017 to help your search.


​FreshBooks is an up-and-coming contender in the invoicing software space, and for good reason. The platform is super simple to use, even for beginners. If you do have questions, get ready to be wowed by their fantastic customer support team, available 24/7. You can also look forward to features like personalized invoicing, tax calculations, varying currency options and automatic repeated billing.

Cost: 30-day free trial, $19.95 per month after

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks is probably the first name you think of when considering invoicing software. Their somewhat-newly developed QuickBooks Online brings their desktop software to the cloud, for an easier invoicing experience. Their tiered pricing lets you choose which features you need, depending on the size and scope of your business.

Cost: 30-day free trial, tiered pricing levels after


If you're looking for speed and efficiency, Due is the invoicing software to try in 2017. Due generates invoices in several formats, depending on your needs, quickly and professionally. The simple and elegant dashboard allows you to see when invoices were sent, received and paid. There are also options for language changes, discounts and automatic tax applications.

Cost: Free up to 3 invoices per month, $49 per year for more


Zoho's platform offers options outside of invoicing, like tracking sales leads and marketing initiatives. However, as a simple invoicing tool, you can't find simpler and cleaner program. Invoices are created quickly and designed well; you can also assign automatic payment reminders to customers and build project management tasks with your own team.

Cost: Free under 5 customers, $15 per month for more


The star of Xero's accounting software is definitely its invoicing feature. They include the typical personalized invoicing and payment reminders, but their unique features also include adding inventories to invoices, unique payment links for quick turnarounds and more.

Cost: Plans start at $9 per month


Hiveage is widely used around the world, and for good reason—it is extremely easy to use for the amount of features it packs into its platform. You can set up automatic payment reminders and convert billing estimates into invoices seamlessly. Their reporting system also stands out—you can track employee time and expenses and manage multiple teams and users, all in one place.

Cost: Free for smaller businesses, larger plans start at $6.95 per month


If you're a small business, finding an invoicing software to work for you can be difficult. However, that's just what Wave caters to, and you can produce custom invoices quickly and efficiently. You can also add messages to customers and create recurring payments.

Cost: Free


Invoicera is unique among the other invoicing options on this list because its features vary depending on the size of your business. All customers receive free invoicing templates that can be converted into different file formats, languages and currencies. You can also use Invoicera's detailed reporting to convert invoicing into future profit projections and revenue forecasts.

Cost: Free for under 3 clients, plans start at $19.95 per month for more

While this is by no means a comprehensive list, it's helpful to understand what your options are as a new or established business. Invoicing software can help reduce turnaround time for profits and keep your working capital high. Take a test drive—most of the options on this list offer a free trial—and choose the best invoicing software option for your business.