Ambassador Spotlight: Business Trainer and Confidence Coach - Melissa Elizabeth

  •    Alena Courtney is a Content Marketing and Organic Growth Manager at Weebly.

Melissa Elizabeth is a Business Trainer and Confidence Coach who has worked with both small and large businesses. She’s also been a proud Weebly user and advocate since 2008, and recently became a Weebly Ambassador.

When Melissa discovered the platform in its early days, was that clear Weebly was going to change the lives of individuals and small businesses around the world. Melissa shared that she has always been a strong advocate for breaking barriers for entrepreneurs, and saw early on that Weebly shared that passion.

Over the years, Melissa has utilized Weebly not only to create several of her own websites, but also to help local nonprofits and small businesses get up and running. “It’s amazing to me that so many small business owners and nonprofits keep struggling with other platforms when they can get exactly what they need (and often more) using Weebly.“

Over the years Melissa has seen it all, “From people who have been delayed for weeks with a website in the making, to those who have been delayed for years when it comes to starting their own business - simply because they weren’t able to create their web presence in a way they could be proud of using other tools.”

Melissa believes that her Weebly meetups and Ambassadorship are the perfect way to help individuals and small business owners break the cycle of stagnation, and find ways to grow their business. As soon as she spread the word that she would host a Weebly meetup, business owners from around the country expressed interest.

“My Weebly Meetup was great way come together with other savvy entrepreneurs, and I believe I accomplished the mission of showing everyone they have what it takes to begin their presence online or improve it.”

Melissa used both social media and to round up the group of business owners that attended her event. Melissa explained that business owners of many kinds, backgrounds and skill levels attended her Weebly meetup. “Everyone had a different individual goal, but I found that first and foremost these entrepreneurs were excited to hear about what they could do with Weebly 4.”

One attendee at Melissa’s meetup, who plans to leave the 9-5, came away with a new sense of confidence and excitement for starting his first site using Weebly. Another guests from the nonprofit sector came away inspired to integrate new apps into her existing Weebly site to make her donors and visitors experience more streamlined. Another guest, a long-time successful product-based brick and mortar business owner, discovered he could finally bring his products online using eCommerce.

“It was a great experience,” shared Melissa. “I was able to share some of Weebly’s newer products benefits as well, like Weebly Promote. One attendees and consultant discovered she could use the e-mail marketing tool to easily add forms to enhance her website and grow her newsletter subscribers,”

Melissa recalled that everyone, even those with no background in tech, came away with a sense that the possibilities for them were endless, “that’s the spirit right - who could ask for more?”

Melissa’s advice to those starting their online business is to become clear on their goals. When it comes to one’s online presence, ‘begin it now’ in the way that helps you feel the most ease and flow. For many, she has witnessed Weebly to be the solution for that.

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