6 Ways to Get Your Art Out Into the World

  •    Deb's art has been featured on TV and film, commercials and print.

People have tagged me "the organic artist" because of the look and feel of my work. Funny thing is that's what inspires me; our ever changing environment. I married a surfer, care deeply about the planet, and am obsessed with time and layering as shown within nature. Several years ago I was very fortunate to have survived a massive brain aneurysm--it altered my perceptions on life. Now everyday is golden…

It’s been quite the journey, so I’d like to share a little bit of what I’ve learned about getting your art into the world along the way.

Be open to ALL opportunities

Great, unexpected things can happen when you are. For example, a private ski manufacturer contacted me and asked to use some of my art with his work. I was open to the possibilities there, and in turn am now in the process of using the models he created in a presentation to work with a large snowboard manufacturer. Don’t be guarded with your art -- putting it out into the Universe just brings more riches.

Find a great website platform

One that you can learn easily, and yet delivers all the bells and whistles needed to eventually be able to have a platform to sell your art. Weebly was one that my son suggested. I dove in headfirst, guns blazing....it was easy, I taught myself, and was able to accomplish a site for my art!


Once you have a site up and running that you are proud of, get it out there to everyone you know. This is how I got to two agents, all my TV and Film contacts, and to Crate and Barrel retail stores. Dig from old sources; I used to be an on-set dresser, worked in production company’s art depts, etc...dig up the past and network these treasures in your life's experiences. Join groups, talk to people, use social media, ask questions: be OPEN to possibilities that lay waiting for you!

Get Your Art into the World

Create a blog

Start a blog that allows people to follow your progress as an artist. I had a teacher write me from my blog who told me she had created a lesson plan around my "Organic Art" and showed her students my work. They in turn created their own art and she sent me their examples. I am blown away when I get letters like this--that my art created a dialogue with an entire classroom of kids is very touching to me.

Write an article for another website or publisher

This is a great way to introduce who you are as an artist. It also raises your SEO scores big time. Articles are inexpensive and a great way to market yourself. Write something you know about, personalize it with a story, and people will get to know you better and thus relate to, and connect with you.

Be fearless

So many artists are so worried about someone "stealing" their work, but that kind of paranoia can adversely affect your opportunities. Put it all out there and you will be amazed at what comes to you from simply opening your heart and ART. YOU must be the first to value your work. You know what it takes to create a piece of art, jewelry, pottery, or painting. You are the only one that knows your path and how you got to where you are able to produce art. If you approach possible licensees to license, manufacture, or reproduce your art and they don't see that you have placed a value on it, then they won't value it either.