6 Personality Traits You Need to Start a New Business

  •    Hannah is a wellness and wholefoods enthusiast, founder of Health Yeah! and co-founder of Monday’s Wholefoods in New Zealand.

Starting a new business involves many unknowns. From financials to market research, there are many external channels that must fall into place for everything to work. However, the glue holding everything together, and the single most important factor, is the individual at the center of it all. Most successful business owners and entrepreneurs share these 6 personality traits, which are vital for a successful start.


When things get hard, passion and purpose carry you through. The best recipe for success includes finding that thing that you are passionate about, that you are good at, that allows you to make a living, and that is good for the world.

Now, it’s not easy to feel passionate all of the time. Sometimes we get so overwhelmed while running our business that we forget why we love what we do. I take time out to meditate, exercise, have fun, and try to walk my talk. I pour over blogs and books on my subject, especially the stuff I read when I first became interested in food and wellness. That really connects me to the source of my inspiration.


You need clarity around your vision and how things will operate. It’s really important to create a crystal clear picture of how your business is going to make money. It saves you pursuing unprofitable or unfulfilling income streams so you can focus on the things that really count.

When we first opened our doors, we became, rather accidentally, a busy cafe with little time for our other goals. Articles had been written about Mondays Wholefoods ‘Cafe’ before we had even opened, and as a result expectations were set - we were an eatery with a full menu. We love our cafe, but it took us two months to stop, reflect and remember that a huge part of our original dream was to host wellness events, workshops and dinner gatherings; to produce online information, products, and sell beautiful merchandise. We missed the mark a bit at first because we didn’t have full clarity around our business goals. Now we are shifting the business back to its original vision, which plays to our strengths and passions.


Business is organic and you have to be flexible as insights, feelings and challenges arise. Life and business will throw you curve balls, and things don't often pan out the way you expect. You need to be able to pivot, adjust the plan, and respond to the market to keep things thriving. While our opening went a different way than we intended, we wouldn’t have launched any differently, because it’s helped our business grow and allowed us to learn some valuable lessons.


Running a business means you're going out on your own, and that often means less accountability. Make sure you have good structure around your workday and stay on task! Eating healthy food nourishes, energizes and provides amazing clarity. Sleeping 8 hours every night is also incredibly helpful and improves your efficiency. Make sure you exercise - whatever it is that you love to do.

If you break up the day and include things you love doing, or take a moment for leisure, you'll find that you'll be more focused when it's time to do the work. Meditation is also so helpful for entrepreneurs as we often have a million things racing through our minds, which can be tiring!


A desire to create authentic relationships with people in your industry is often a major key to the success for an early stage business. Being friends with both allies and competitors is incredibly valuable. Learn from others, collaborate, and be kind!


Find a business mentor, read books, and consume the amazing and often free information that is all over the internet. Surround yourself with like minded people - enterprising people with passion, drive, confidence and the belief that anything is possible. Enthusiasm is infectious!