5 Ways to Burst Out of Obscurity

  •    Warren is a fifteen year old investor, author and entrepreneur from Montserrat.

If you just started your new business and are trying to get some attention, you are certainly not alone. Statistics show 500,000 people started a new business every single month in 2013. So, how do you break away from the pack?

It’s about getting recognized, gaining attention and basically making sure people know why they should be spending their time (and money) on your site or in your store.

Here are 5 ways I was able to combat obscurity and get my name known internationally:

1. Write for Other Publications

Start by writing your own blog and use it to connect directly to your audience. This will give you the practice and the platform to get your messaging out and help you gain the trust of other publications who are looking for guest writers.

I invested a lot of my time and energy writing articles for publications like Entrepreneur.com, The Huffington Post and Elite Daily. This was a win-win situation for both of us: they received unique content and I received instant access to their millions of readers.

2. There is No Such Thing as too Many Posts

My platform dramatically increased the moment I fully understood and utilized social media. Too many people either neglect social media or post only once or twice a day in fear that they will lose the followers they have. However, I’ve found that the best results from social media come when you post and post often. Yes, you may lose a few folks due to your frequent posting but as long as you share valuable content, you’ll also gain loyal followers. It’s a simple way to burst out of obscurity and be seen frequently.

3. Take Up Speaking Engagements

The beauty with speaking to large crowds is you are able to share your message and story directly to hundreds, or even thousands, of people at one time with very few distractions. And with the rise of social media, your presentations aren’t just limited to the audience you are speaking with. Short video clips and quotes from your presentation are normally shared on social media, giving you even greater exposure.

4. Write a Book

Books open doors for you. They allow you to establish credibility and get exposure in an entirely different way. Books are not deleted like emails, readers often share titles and hold onto books for years. This means your hardback cover could be on readers’ shelves, and your name in their minds, for decades.

5. Take Up Interviews

Appearing on radio and television shows to share your thoughts on a topic are a great way to get in front of millions of people. It is also another great way to establish credibility. You never know who is watching a particular program or how just 30 seconds on TV could open new doors for your brand and business. For example, last year I did an interview with an American network and a few hours after my interview aired both of my books soared onto the Amazon Bestsellers List.

The bottomline is if you don’t put content out there people won’t be able to find you. Make a decision to get your business and name known globally. It is a sure-fire way to build credibility, create amazing opportunities and stay fresh in the minds on your existing customers.