4 Ways to Reuse Blog Content to Drive More Traffic

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You’ve probably seen your fair share of blogging successes.

Is there anything more satisfying than watching that one post you slaved over go completely viral?

But if you’re like most people, it can be tough to keep driving traffic from that one piece of content, especially when the hype has finally died down. What do you do now?

That’s where blog recycling comes in. These strategies for reusing blog content are surefire ways to build off of your most successful posts and keep the traffic flowing.

Atomize Your Blog Topics

The first and most powerful way to reuse your blog content to support your ongoing marketing efforts is to... wait for it… create more blogs!

Blog posts often contain a multitude of ideas or complex topics that can be broken down and separated into their own topics.

A post on a science blog might be about, say, how plants convert sunlight into energy. From that topic, you can drill down further into what biological components of a plant help that happen, how they evolved in the first place, what is “energy” anyway, etc.

And as long as you’re keeping content relevant, this is bar-none one of the most useful tactics you’ll come across.

Compile Them into a Gated E-Book

Your blog is likely to be open to all (and if it isn’t… why?). And while ungated content can certainly bring in lots of visitors, sometimes one of the best ways to shuffle prospects down a sales funnel is by offering gated content.

In exchange for some premium information, your audience trusts you with, say, their email address. You know the drill.

E-books are one of the highest-converting gated content pieces you can find today and, equally importantly, they’re easy to make if you’ve already got a blog to work off of.

If you’ve been diligent with your blogging then you’ve probably already covered a wide range of topics. Now all it takes is organizing (and updating!) them into a collection. For help with that, check out Scrivener or Evernote.

Develop Them into Podcast Topics

Few developments have revolutionized the world of marketing quite like podcasts. After all, everyone with an idea and a microphone seems to be doing it and it’s never been easier than it is today.

And when it comes to repurposing your blog posts, podcasts are one of the best ways to do so. Use your posts as a jumping-off point to start talking about the details. But be sure to offer new insights, tips, and value along the way to keep your listeners engaged.

For an in-depth guide into just what it takes to start your own, have a look at this handy guide from Lifehacker. It’s sure to help you start surfing the digital airwaves in no time flat.

Offer Tidbits in Your Email Newsletter

The be all end all of effective marketing, the newsletter is the holy grail of conversion. It lets you develop a personal relationship with your audience and nurture them through your sales funnel at the same time.

Incorporating snippets of your posts into these emails can direct new traffic and qualify more leads along the way. And if you can personalize the type of content to match their usage patterns, you’re even better off.

As email automation platform Campaign Monitor explains, “it’s no secret that marketers are finding ways to send personalized messages to subscribers. After all, personalized emails deliver 6x higher transaction rates, making marketers keen on using the strategy.”

But be careful – using personalization effectively (rather than creepily) is walking a fine line. The good news is that the newsletter is the perfect place for delivering relevant content on a 1:1 basis without seeming like you’re spying on subscribers – and technology is making it easier than ever.

Email automation platforms allow marketers to deliver emails based on how each recipient interacts with an email. For example, let’s say a food blogger sends all new subscribers the same newsletter with her top recipes from the past year categorized by Italian, Asian and American. Sarah is a new subscriber who receives this welcome email and clicks on recipe links from the Italian and American categories. Automation technology can automatically send her additional recipes from those categories in the next newsletter.

Reusing Blog Topics: The Key to Driving More Traffic

Seeing a particularly well-written blog post of yours take off can be incredibly fulfilling. What’s more, it can also lead to a huge bump in traffic on your site. But unfortunately, not every post is going to end up going viral.

Once you learn how to reuse your best and most popular posts using the tips above though, you can continue to build off of a great thing and get more out of your stroke of genius.