3 Proven Ways to Market Your Website Offline

  •    Stacy is the Senior Marketing Manager for FreeLogoServices (now LogoMix), a self-service branding and marketing platform for small businesses, featuring an online logo maker and business card tool.

Offline Marketing is one of those “old school tools” that businesses tend to overlook these days, mainly because they focus on online marketing to reach as many people as possible. When you get a website, it might seem like the only logical way to get traffic is via digital marketing tactics. But going “all-in” online is a bit shortsighted - you need to use both online and offline marketing to reach a wider audience. There are effective ways to get traffic to your website through more traditional marketing tactics. ​

1. Signage

40 percent of online searchers make a purchase after seeing an offline advertisement. One simple way to reach those customers is using attention grabbing signage. Make sure your signage stands out from the rest of the noise - your URL and email address should share center stage with your logo to influence more online activity.

There are many forms of signage, and the most popular can be seen daily in the form of:

  • Banners: These are great for broadcasting your events and can be used either indoors or outdoors.
  • Posters: Smaller than banners, posters can also be placed anywhere, from office doors to bus stops.
  • Lawn Signs: You see these a lot, especially for real estate businesses. Lawn signs can also work for events, construction companies (at a jobsite) and even political candidates.

2. Promotional Products as Giveaways

Branded promotional products can get you a lot of exposure. You can give custom office supplies such as pens, notebooks, mugs, and folders to your customers and get up to 40+ hours of free marketing a week when they use them every day at work. Having your URL and logo prominently displayed reminds your customers about you and how they can interact with you online.

In order to maximize this opportunity, you should make sure that you include:

  • A Simple Yet Effective Logo. Make sure you have a logo that has a high recall value, so customers will instantly recognize your company when they see it on promotional products.
  • The Most Important Information. Depending on the product, space may be limited. Make sure to include your website, email, physical address and phone number if possible.

3. Branded Apparel

A great way to market your website offline is with custom branded apparel. Clothing with your logo and website are walking billboards for your brand. Wear them yourself, use them as employee uniforms, or give them away for marketing promotions. Here are a few common options for wearable branding:

  • Short sleeve t-shirts: These are a classic and affordable option with the most space for your logo, website, and additional information. Remember to utilize the back as well.
  • Polos: For a professional employee uniforms, polos are a great choice. Although embroidery has improved significantly in the last few year, any writing can still become illegible. Any text should be at least 16p font.
  • Embroidered Hats: Great for giveaways or uniforms, this option is usually more affordable, and places your contact information front and center.