Import products from over 100+ Dropship Suppliers to your store


Orders will ship directly to your customers with just one click


Prices and inventory are kept in synch with automated daily updates

You can find instructions with screenshots on How to install Wholesale2b Weebly app.

Now you can import products from drop shippers to your Weebly store and forget about daily updates

  • Over ONE MILLION dropship products to choose from
  • Pick up to 10,000 items and watch your store get loaded (upgrades are available)
  • Change your list anytime you want
  • Change item titles and descriptions with your own unique content (optional)
  • Your Weebly store will be updated automatically every day
  • Orders are shipped to your customers with just 1 click

Wholesale2b Weebly Listing Tool

Our new Weebly listing tool will help you push products from any drop shipper directly to your Weebly website. All you need to do is choose the products you want to upload. We have over 1 MILLION products from over 100 suppliers.

Once you have setup your list of preferred products, our Weebly listing tool will automatically load the products to your Weebly website and it will also apply daily updates automatically to keep your website up to date.

You won't have to worry about importing data feeds every day to keep your website up to date. This will be done automatically for you every day.

There is a limit of 10,000 products per account. A limit is imposed to avoid having every member flood Weebly with the same products.

Wait there is more! Order fulfillment process included

Our Weebly tool will also grab orders from your store automatically so you can process them with just one click. Our team will then handle the order with the suppliers for you.

We will even send the tracking code back to your store as soon as we get it from the supplier, so you are sure to get them as quickly as they become available.

No need to manually input orders with suppliers. No need to run after tracking codes. All this is done automatically for you.

Control your listing with precision

  • Setup markups on prices as you wish
  • Control the shipping costs as you wish
  • Change prices with a global markup or edit prices by single items
  • Change the product titles and descriptions to make them unique on your website
  • View your estimated profit/losses
  • Access your daily submission logs
  • Process orders with just 1 click (no other action required)
  • Tracking codes are automatically sent to your Weebly website
  • Daily updates are sent to your Weebly website every day
  • Out of stock items are automatically updated for you
  • Change your list anytime you wish (add/remove products)
  • Push your entire list of products to Weebly with just 1 click
  • Remove products in bulk based on price range

list up to 10,000 products
With monthly plan you can add upto 10,000 products.
Flexible markups
You can define tiered markup per supplier. Even fine tune further by using overwrite.
One click order fulfillment
Effortless order fulfillment. Now fulfill orders with one click, order billing, shipping and other information is automatically populated. Tracking code is sent yo store automatically.
Millions of products
Lot of options to choose products from.
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    Lyn Lomasi Nov 28, 2020
    I love the ease of loading the products initially and customer service is great. My customers have enjoyed all products so far. All the main suppliers I prefer are here and it's easy to find the products needed, fulfill orders, etc. I've tried a few dropshipping apps and this is the only one I've been able to use properly with Weebly, as well as the one with the best value. The only issue I have is that if the list is turned on, the products keep re-adding themselves as new ones and deleting the old ones instead of just updating. So, it's impossible to market with the list turned on.
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    starsmall starsmall starsmall starsmall starsmall
    Kalilah Xavier-Duhart Apr 20, 2019
    For the amount of money I'm paying I'm seeing no results. I set up rules to not push certain products to my store and they are synced automatically anyway. Then I have to go to my Weebly store to manually remove the categories, which defeats the purpose of me paying for the system monthly.
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