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Weebly offers a wide range of professionally designed website templates. From ultra-modern minimalist to bold and classic, Weebly has a free website template that fits your unique design palate.

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Easy and powerful customization tools give you full control over each website template. Change the font, header, color scheme, and all major web design elements from a dead-simple interface. Combine these customizable elements for infinite design options.

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您可以从免费的背景图片库内选择一张高分辨率图片,也可以上传您自己的图片,进一步实现您网站设计的个性化。欢迎体验 Weebly 强大的背景编辑器所提供的高级模糊、加黑和滤镜选项,进行更多的定制处理。

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Make the Design Yours

Weebly templates are not only free and flexible but easy to mold into truly unique design elements. Nothing is out of reach – every template features an Advanced Theme Editor that offers full HTML and CSS control for custom development from the ground up. All templates are fully responsive and look great on any device.


精致的设计和布局是成功网站的关键。Weebly 网站模板采用全面的现代网站设计,您可以随意控制、编辑和修改。立即选用一个 Weebly 模板 - 免费、功能强大,实惠型网站设计的理想之选。