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Cart and Secure Checkout

Fully Integrated Shopping Cart & Secure Checkout

Provide shoppers with the convenience of a fully integrated shopping cart and a secure checkout experience directly from your eCommerce website. Weebly’s shopping cart software is set-up automatically when you create your online store so you can start selling online immediately, no technical skills needed.

Track Your Inventory Screen Track Your Inventory Popout


Manage a handful or hundreds of products. Track your inventory to manage your supply, show customers the number of items remaining to create urgency and boost buying behavior (e.g. only 2 left!), and automatically update shoppers when items are out of stock if they attempt to purchase from your eCommerce website.

Powerful Filtered Product Search Screen Powerful Filtered Product Search Popout



Sell goods, physical products, services and more

Sell Digital Goods, Physical Products, Services and More

Flexible options for selling a wide range of products directly from your eCommerce website. Digital and downloadable items are automatically delivered to your customers via email with a secure one-time use link. There are extensive options for physical products, one-of-a-kind handmade items, services and donations that can be completely customized to meet your needs.

Additional Features

Manage Your Store on the Go with the iPhone and Android Apps

Mobile apps make it easy and convenient to manage your online store from anywhere. You can process and fulfill orders, provide personalized service and respond to customer inquiries, upload new products and photos, notify customers when a purchase has shipped, check sales figures in real-time and receive notifications whenever a new order is placed.

Powerful Ecommerce Website Builder

Getting your eCommerce website up and running is as simple as choosing a design theme, adding your products, setting up shipping and taxes, then selecting your preferred way to accept payments. We automatically create a storefront for you to customize as much or as little as you’d like, including the option for full CSS/HTML control and editing.

Modern Ecommerce Templates and Storefronts

Choose from a wide variety of modern and unique eCommerce templates and color palette combinations to design the perfect look for your online store. You can showcase featured products, categorize items for easy browsing, customize fonts, and define photo display options to create a store you’ll be proud to share.

Free Ecommerce Hosting

Reliable, world-class cloud hosting that’s redundant and scalable means your online store is always available. We handle all the details to ensure your eCommerce website loads quickly every time, no matter how much traffic you receive.


The Weebly eCommerce platform brings the ease of drag and drop website creation to product merchandising. Create rich product descriptions with slideshows and videos. Easily reorder products for maximum visual appeal. Shoppers can easily share your products on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

We’ll Help You Start Your Online Store

We are committed to helping you create a high-quality store that achieves your goals. We offer live chat, email support and a variety of resources to assist you every step of the way. If you are creating a store for the first time, our help center and free live training sessions will walk you through everything you need to know to get your store up and running.


Give shoppers a mobile experience that works every time from any device. We ensure your online store and products load quickly and display perfectly. All eCommerce websites include a free mobile shopping cart and and secure checkout experience that’s designed to work perfectly on smaller screens like phones and tablets.


Our eCommerce websites are designed with search engines in mind so customers can find you. We automatically optimize your site and product pages so you’ll have everything you need to start ranking for search results. There are additional SEO fields you can customize for advanced metadata optimization and tracking.

Integrate Content and Ecommerce

Combine content and products in unique ways to create more buying opportunities. In addition to a powerful storefront, Weebly gives you the freedom to showcase and sell products or accept donations from any page on your site such as a blog or your homepage with our standalone eCommerce element.


Tap into the growing global market with international support for accepting payments, shipping and taxes. Payment processing is available in 25 countries with PayPal and 11 countries with Stripe. Easily manage shipping to any destination. Flexible tax management with fine-grained controls to support online stores globally.



将您的网店导入 Weebly 电子商务平台

想看一下您现有网店在 Weebly 里面是什么样?直接导入您的 Etsy、Shopify 网店或上传一份 CSV 文件到 Weebly 电子商务平台,即可轻松、快速完成设置。导入后,您可以调整并改进您的网店设计,打造独一无二的外观设计。




Offer the shipping choices that shoppers want and easily handle a full spectrum of shipping situations ranging from simple to complex. Sellers can offer “free shipping” on select orders, set shipping rates based on price or weight and define carriers (e.g. UPS, USPS, FedEx) as well as delivery speed (e.g. ground, 3-day, overnight). Rates can be adjusted for geographic locations including full international support and fine-grained control options for sub-regions (states, provinces, etc.).

Drive Sales with Coupon Codes

Sellers are armed with promotional offers to compete effectively and increase sales. They can incentivize visitors to purchase with a limited-time offer, attract new buyers by offering a coupon discount and generate repeat sales from existing customers by running a sale.


通过 Weebly 电子商务网站,您可以轻松管理最复杂的税务情况。由您决定何时何地适用的税率。Weebly 存储并提供美国和加拿大现有城市、州和省级的税率。对所有其他国家,相关税率可由卖方定义。

Custom Store Design

Drag and drop products or store categories anywhere on your site to drive sales. Flexible eCommerce design elements make it easy to fully customize your storefront experience for visitors and customers.

Store Management: Bulk Import and Export

Streamlined eCommerce management tools perfect for big stores with lots of orders and products. Quickly make bulk edits to your products with the ability import and export batches of information between platforms.

Real Time Shipping

Save time and money with real time shipping rates across a variety of carriers. Shipping rates are determined dynamically based on the customer’s shipping address and products in the order.

Automatic Tax Calculator

Calculate taxes automatically in the US. Indicate if taxes are already included in the price of your product and specify if shipping should be taxed. The tax calculator makes tax management much less of a headache.

Beautiful Checkout

Get customers through the checkout flow easier than ever with a simplified one page purchase process. The responsive checkout flow features an order summary and collapsing sections. Special areas for custom coupons, security information and return policies help your customers complete checkout quickly and confidently.

Automated Abandoned Cart Emails

Hook customers with an automatic abandoned cart email sent at exactly the right time to land a sale you might have otherwise lost.

Branded Digital Gift Cards

Drive new sales with custom branded gift cards. The gift card platform makes it easy to generate a variety of gift cards that you can sell on your site and use to for new customer sales, word of mouth marketing or rewards programs.

Integrated Email Campaigns

Effortlessly create email campaigns by dragging and dropping content directly from your site and store into an email template. Products, blog posts, logos are pre-loaded and ready to send to contacts collected from your site forms and lead capture. Grow sales and traffic in just a few clicks!

Suggested Emails

Get guidance on when to send emails with in-product prompts based off your store activity. Weebly automatically creates a ready to send email when you add a new product, category or coupon code to keep your customers in the loop.

Customize Store Transactional Emails

Give your transactional emails more personality by designing custom, automated messages from your store. These branded billing messages are powered by Weebly Promote so it’s simple to set up the templates and let the emails run automatically.