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Why Build with Weebly?

As a developer, you’ll reach millions of users looking to purchase apps to power their businesses. Integrate directly into the Weebly platform with OAuth2, Webhooks, and REST APIs for sites, blogging, commerce and more.

  • Over 30M Users

    That’s more than the combined populations of Australia and New Zealand! Launch your app to millions.

  • Monetization

    Generate a steady stream of cash by monetizing your app with one time payments or even subscription models.

  • Powerful APIs

    Our robust APIs and multiple endpoints give you access to user data, site data, eCommerce products, and so much more.

  • Detailed Documentation

    Get the latest documentation with everything you need to know about our API.


    There is no failure, only feedback. Get user reviews, comments, installs, star ratings and more.

  • Stellar Support

    Our team is here to support you from idea to launch with dedicated API and app support teams.
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