We’re back to update you on features from Weebly and Square

We’re excited to be back on the blog to update you on features to help Weebly users get through these difficult times. Did you know that you can enable curbside pickup as a fulfillment option on Weebly now?  

Since Weebly is now a part of Square, users like you can also take advantage of Square Online Checkout, the new product that makes it easy for you to add a Buy Button to your existing site to sell or accept payment online—fast and easy.    

We realize that everyone around the world is facing unique challenges right now, and for business owners, you are having to quickly adapt to new ways of meeting your customers.

Helping sellers like you during this time is our top priority. Here’s an overview of the Weebly and Square product updates we’ve launched this year that make it easier to run your business:

  • Curbside pickup: Pickup is a flexible and convenient option for your local customers, especially if you’re selling food online. You can allow customers to request curbside pickup.
  • Announcement banners: If you have an important business announcement or sale you want to promote you can use announcement banners to draw the attention of your customers.
  • Get professional product shots in time for the holiday season: The Square Photo Studio is back and ready to deliver professional product photography for a low cost. For every product you ship us, you can pick from a pack of three multi-angle photos for just $9.95 or an interactive 360 photo for $29.95.
  • Embed a Buy button on your website: Square Online Checkout is a new way for you to easily accept payments online without rebuilding a new website. You can create a shareable pay link, button or even a printable QR code to accept payments for almost anything you want to sell.

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