We'll build you a website, for free! Volunteers needed

Weebly is of course the best way to build your own website, but now we're piloting a new program that would let a professional design team create your Weebly website for you! After a quick consultation about what you need on your website, our design partners would go to town, building you a website worthy of an award. Once you're satisfied, the website would be transferred into your Weebly account so you can update it using the familiar Weebly editor.

We're looking for a few volunteers who'd like to give this a try, for free. It's okay if you already have a website -- we can redesign it! For this pilot test, we're primarily in search of small business owners looking for a more professional website & design. We're only able to select a few volunteers for this opportunity, but in the future, this service will be available to everyone for a reasonable fee. Just click the link below to apply, and if selected, our design partners will be in touch with you shortly. We'd love to hear what you think in the comments.

Update 10/12: We have received an overwhelming number of volunteers and do not need more at the moment. Thank you!

Update 10/28: We've contacted the handful of people selected for this pilot test. We had so many great candidates and unfortunately can't build everyone a free site -- I wish we could! Thank you to everyone who applied! We will make a future blog post to announce when the custom built website service is available.