Weebly Website of the Month: Nature's Kindle

With names like Campfire, Whiskey River and Citrus Grove, the hand-crafted soy candles from Nature's Kindle are designed to do more than just smell nice. They're meant to transport you to a specific place or time or mood through the power of scent. But how can all of that emotion come through on a website?

Using Weebly's flexible platform, Nature's Kindle founder Diosdado Velasquez has been able to make it work. Here are some of the tips Velasquez shared on his success.

1) Focus on Quality

"We strive to have great packaging and a good quality candle," says Velasquez. Taking it one step further, Velasquez wants the packaging of the candle itself to be so nice that customers recycle and reuse the products once the candle has burned out.

This attention to detail shines through on the Nature's Kindle website where stunning product photography and a smooth ordering experience support the brand's commitment to quality.

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2) Integrating Services Saves Time

For an artisan like Velasquez, time spent on mundane business functions is time spent away from what matters most: creating great products for his customers. That's why he appreciates how he can easily plug his online store into other software and services.

"I chose Weebly because they made it extremely easy to connect my other eCommerce sites like QuickBooks and Square," says Velasquez. Being able to download other business functions from the Weebly App Center and manage the website from a mobile device are two other convenient features that have helped Velasquex to expand his business.

"Weebly's platform has made it very easy to sell anywhere. I can just look at my phone, or if I'm on the road, just go to the app, process an order and go from there."

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3) Be Authentic

"We're a nature-inspired brand," says Velasquez, which comes through strongly throughout Nature's Kindle website and social media channels. Because the scents that he and his team have developed are based on their experiences camping and hiking, they have placed a priority on incorporating these natural elements into product photography and social media marketing.

Using this approach, Nature's Kindle has built a strong sense of authenticity and credibility for its brand, which has helped it to grow from online sales to placement in dozens of retail stores in 25 states.

With the brand's strong focus on quality, authenticity, and operational efficiency driving continued growth, Nature's Kindle is enjoying the sweet smell of success.

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