Weebly Website of the Month: MOCHISU

There are many elements that go into an awesome eCommerce website. You need great photos of your merchandise, a clean and intuitive design and a seamless checkout experience. At MochiSu, entrepreneurs Krystie Bastidas and Travis Mondesi have done all of this and more.

MochiSu specializes in selling handwoven bags crafted by Wayuu artisans, the largest indigenous ethnic group in Colombia and Venezuela. The goal of the company is to provide its customers with beautiful and unique items while giving the Wayuu people a path out of poverty.

With a combination of savvy social media marketing and a strong mission-based brand, MochiSu has earned fans all around the world. Here are some of the keys to their success.

Authenticity Matters

What sets MochiSu apart from other retailers is the authenticity of its products. More than just unique designs, the company's bags reflect the rich cultural heritage of the Wayuu people and are each handcrafted by a Wayuu artisan. Naturally, it's important that this authenticity extends to the company's marketing channels.

As the founders explain, "we want to build trust and a relationship with our customers." In order to convince customers to become part of their "tribe," MochiSu focuses on sharing content that allows its personality to shine through. A quick look at the company's Instagram feed shows how carefully MochiSu curates its content, creating a brand perception that's both relatable and aspirational.

Real-Time Response

While it may take time for each bag to be painstakingly crafted, MochiSu makes sure that its order process is quick and easy. One of the Weebly features that MochiSu uses to great success is the chat feature, which allows its customers to contact the website in real time. MochiSu's owners say this feature is "extremely convenient because it goes straight to our phones and provides a seamless customer experience on our site."


As online shoppers have grown more accustomed to speed and convenience, it is important that smaller retailers match some of the features that larger companies offer. Responding to requests immediately through chat delivers a strong first impression to the customer and can help keep them from abandoning your website to go somewhere else.

Keep the Customer Engaged

Speaking of abandonment, the team at MochiSu knows how important it is to keep its customers engaged with their brand, even if they didn't make a purchase. That's why they send personalized emails with a coupon code to customers who have abandoned their shopping cart. The code gives customers a strong incentive to return to the website and complete their purchase. The company also uses Weebly's low stock inventory alert, which lets them contact customers with a message encouraging them to buy a product before it sells out.


But these aren't the only ways MochiSu keeps customers returning to its website. Another trick is good old-fashioned customer service, including sending personal emails to individual customers. While the duo admits that sending these messages "is a lot of work," they feel it's important that their customers know they "are truly grateful for each purchase."

With its commitment to sustainable, ethical fashion and its passion for both great customer service and uplifting the Wayuu people, it's no wonder that MochiSu has found success. Check out their website to learn more about this unique company's story and consider how you might borrow some of their tactics for your own business.