Weebly Website of the Month: Gaucho Sur

When entrepreneur and fashion designer Sole Arias opened Gaucho Sur, she didn't want it to be like any other online boutique. Arias had a specific vision for her brand that was rooted in the strong and stoic persona of the "Gaucho" or South American cowboy. This inspiration is clear in Arias' designs, which include stunning yet simple dresses, ponchos, pants and tops, but it also is reflected in the unique style and simplicity of her website.

But building a successful eCommerce site didn't happen overnight. Arias worked her way up to launching her first online store after experimenting with several other Weebly websites.


Start Small to Learn

Arias started using Weebly initially to showcase her fashion design work before quickly building several other websites focused on everything from helping her parents' business to showcasing her textile design and graphic design skills. With each experience, she gained more confidence with the tools and eventually decided to launch her store.

"I tried changing to other sites, but they weren't as good and easy to follow," says Arias.

Right away, Arias' familiarity with Weebly made her feel at home navigating the eCommerce elements of the website.

"The store was easy to manage," explains Arias. Some of the specific features that drive Gaucho Sur's success include Weebly's inventory management tools and the ability to instantly accept credit card payments online through one of four payment gateway technologies. Arias also expressed how easy it was to manage product descriptions and updating her site.


Simple Design Makes a Difference

In addition to leveraging the simplicity and flexibility of the Weebly platform, Arias leaned on her own design skills as well as a group of helpful friends for support.

"I have a lot of really awesome friends that are super talented," Arias says. "I did the graphic design, my friend did photography, someone else did makeup — it was always very collaborative and friendly."

While having talented friends was a huge help, Arias also cited Weebly's large collection of pre-made templates as a major benefit. With Weebly's many modern eCommerce themes, you can choose from a nearly limitless selection of styles and color combinations to find the perfect fit for your brand. Plus, with simple drag and drop functionality, it's easy to change site elements to test something new, which can lead to increased sales.

"When you're building the website, you have so many different options." says Arias. "My aesthetic is very clean, so I found a template that's perfect."


Deliver On Time, Every Time

Building a website and running a store are two different things entirely. Fortunately, since the website went live, Arias has been able to keep it running smoothly no matter where she is thanks to how easy it is to process orders.

"I get a notification that I got an order," Arias explains, "then I just pack it and ship it."

Ultimately, Gaucho Sur's success comes from Arias' commitment to producing high-quality and highly fashionable products.

As she explains , "My brand is quality. All my products are very simple. There are no intricate shapes. Everything is very comfortable. And on top of everything, it feels good."

With Arias' strong, clear focus, and a powerful website to help her market her products to the world, it's no wonder that Gaucho Sur continues to grow and reach new audiences every day.