Weebly to join the Square family - a letter from our Founder

Weebly was founded on the belief that anyone with an idea should have access to the tools to bring that idea to life. Back in 2007, we knew building your own website was too hard and expensive so we made it easier and more affordable. As you asked for help to run your online business, we expanded into powerful tools to sell and market online. And our entire team has been working incredibly hard since day one to make that experience better for you every single day.

That’s why we’re incredibly proud to announce that we’ve entered an agreement to be acquired by Square. Together, we will support you to build professional websites and powerful commerce experiences — whether online or in real life. This move reinforces our original mission: to help the world’s entrepreneurs succeed. As Square + Weebly, we’ll be able to help you in more powerful ways than ever before.

What should I know?

  • Will my Weebly service be affected? No. We will continue to run the same service you know and love. And we’ll continue creating an even more integrated and powerful experience for you -- with the combined effort of Square, we plan to bring you new products and services to help make running your business easier and better.
  • What about Customer Support? We’re as committed to being there for you as we have always been, and as committed to maintaining a service you can trust and rely on to host your websites and online stores. We’re just a phone call, chat, or email away.
  • Is my Weebly log-in changing? Your log-in is not changing and your account is staying the same. You will still visit weebly.com to log-in.

Delivering on the Future of Commerce

Why Square?

Weebly & Square have a long-standing partnership that integrates our services to provide a seamless and powerful experience for our customers. That partnership has been a perfect way to prove out how this relationship could be so much more.

Most importantly, Weebly & Square’s purpose and values could not be more aligned. We both have a passion for celebrating and empowering entrepreneurs and creating technology that allows you to spend more time focused on the things you love, and less on the busy work of running a business.

We’re proud of what we’ve been able to build for you over the past 11 years, and we’re not going to stop doing that any time soon. Whether building a website or establishing an online store, we’re all incredibly excited to keep making Weebly better for you every single day, with the combined strength of Weebly + Square.

Thank you for all of your support so far, and stay tuned in the coming months -- we’ll be sharing exciting updates about how our transition into the Square family creates more tools and better experiences for you soon.

David Rusenko

To answer questions you may have please read our FAQs below for more information or feel free to give our customer success agents a call at 844 - 4WEEBLY | (844) 493-3259.


1. What does this mean for my relationship with Weebly? Will anything change?

In the near term, nothing will change. We are committed to delivering great products and customer service and will continue to do so. Over time, our goal is to offer one cohesive solution on which to start or grow a business. Stay tuned.

2. Will my website stay up and running?

Yes, your website will absolutely remain live. There will be no changes to your online presence for the foreseeable future.

3. How will this benefit me as a Weebly customer?

We are excited to partner with Square to find new and exciting ways to offer you better services, more seamless product integrations and better omnichannel solutions than ever before. We will remain focused on our mission of empowering the world’s entrepreneurs to succeed. Be on the lookout for updates from us in the near future.

4. Will anything change about the way I get support from Weebly?

No. You’ll still have the same great products and access to the same help resources and support team that you currently have.

5. What if I use another payments processor other than Square? Will I be able to keep using them?

We are an open platform and we believe in doing what’s right for our customers. Over time, we hope you find increasing value in our Square integration, but we have no plans to limit what payments processors you can use — the choice should be yours.