Weebly Release Notes: New Features and Apps from June

June was a busy month here at Weebly HQ with a gigantic set of new apps and plenty of exciting new features rolling out. Here’s a quick recap of the biggest feature updates!

  • Image Filename in URL - When you upload an image to your site the URL will now match the image filename. So your image URLs will look like www.yoursite.com/yourfile.jpg. This is addition is great for SEO (you can now put keywords in your image filename) as well as linking and sharing your image URLs. This feature originated from a request in the Weebly Community!
  • Email Navigation Element - This element allows you to create a navigation bar in emails that links to pages on your website. Lets you mimic your site navigation in emails and helps users find relevant content quickly. Available with Weebly Promote.
  • Email Insights - New default dashboard in Weebly Promote that displays a weekly summary of email marketing efforts, including emails sent, commerce sales, site visits, new contacts and average open rate.
  • Hi-res Favicons - You can now add hi-res favicons to your site.
  • iOS 4.9 and 4.10 - Embed code element, editor status indicator, bug fixes.

It was an absolutely massive month for the App Center. Check out a rundown of all the new apps below:

  • Sectionizer - Create beautiful new content areas from your existing site template for modified site designs - $7.99
  • 10to8 - Take appointment bookings straight from your website and integrate directly with your calendar or inbox - $0 to $150/month
  • Yondo Webinars - Offer live online webinars and group classes from your website - Free Trial
  • Bablic Translation - Translate your site in minutes and make your content multilingual - Free Trial
  • Quiz/SurveyBuilder - Create interactive multimedia quizzes and surveys - Free Trial
  • Text Alerts - Receive text alerts when your store receives new orders - Free
  • Traffic Booster - Drive targeted traffic to your site with Google Adwords and Bing Ads campaigns - $29.99
  • Social Boost - Run viral offers, giveaways, lotteries, contests and more through social media campaigns - $0 to $59/month
  • Hide if Mobile - Hide content from mobile devices - $1.99
  • Hide - Hide elements at different window sizes - Free
  • Easy Magazine - Curated content recommendations for your visitors - $0 to $7/month
  • Traffic Blocker - Block visitors by email or IP address - $0 to $3/month
  • Content Color Box - Colored background box for content on your site - Free
  • Call To Action - Create stunning CTA buttons to increase conversions - $5
  • Speech Bubbles - Add explanatory speech bubbles to photos - $0 to $1.99/month
  • Stickers - Add emojis and gifs to your website - $0 to $2.99/month
  • Icon - Use over 600 Font Awesome icons on your site with auto scaling and color options - Free
  • Print Button - Allow customers to order canvas, framed or poster prints of your photos - $0 to $2.99/month