Weebly Release Notes: New Features and Apps From February

We've had our heads down over here in Weebly HQ working on some exciting new projects. Stay tuned for updates as we make progress. In the meantime, here are the main features we launched in February.

  • New Suggested Email Templates - We updated the suggested email templates in Weebly Promote to help you incorporate more features into each email.
  • VIP Smart Groups - You can now segment your email list by purchase history in Weebly Promote. This allows you to target high or low spending customers and create tailored messaging for each group to drive desired actions.
  • Valentine’s Day Holiday Email - We built a special Valentine’s Day email template for you to send during the holiday. Look for more of these types of emails on major holidays and events in the future.
  • Links Verified - Prevents link mistakes and typos with a check to ensure all buttons and social icons are linked correctly prior to email send. If a link is missing we show you where it needs to change in the email.

A number of new apps were released to the App Center in addition to the features mentioned above, with some exceptional eCommerce and design apps to help you drive new business.

  • Custom Buttons - New button sizes, styles and design choices that are easy to add to your site - $4.99.
  • Text Animation - Grab attention with fully customizable text animations - Free.
  • Easy Testimonial - Let your customers promote your business with this DIY testimonial tool - Free to $9.99/month.
  • Smart Recommender - Increase sales by suggesting other products your customers will find interesting, based on behavior and purchase history - Free.
  • Multi Column Blog - Convert your blog posts into unique multiple column layouts - $2.99.
  • Sales Pop - Boost sales and build brand trust with popup that displays purchase activities from other shoppers on your store with real-time notifications - Free.
  • Accordion Toggle - Accordion and toggle element with options to style background colors, borders and more - $4.
  • YouTube Background - Add YouTube video backgrounds to your header or sections - $5.
  • Membership Pro - Allow paying customers to become members of groups on your site - $5/month.
  • Checkout Boost - Increase conversion rates, attract new customers and drive social traffic with sales with an offer popup after customers add items to their carts - $20 to $29/month.
  • Boost Sales - Upsell and cross sell automatically with a popup after your customer add items to a cart - $30 to $39/month.
  • Facebook Chat - Chat with customers via FB messenger - Free.