Professional Product Photos, Made Simple with Photo Studio

We have exciting news for entrepreneurs looking to elevate their brand. We’re launching a new service called Photo Studio. It’s simple. Ship us your products and our cutting-edge robic camera will shoot three product photos from different angles and optimized for online selling.

How it works

  1. Ship us your product - you can ship us up to five
  2. Photo Studio will shoot professional product photos for you
  3. You’ll get a link to download three product photos


Professional product photography is a vital part of any online shopping experience and can help you sell more. In fact, research shows that 94% of potential customers are more likely to shop at a site with quality product photos and well-designed visuals.

Using Photo Studio you’ll receive clean, clear images that will give your eCommerce website a polished look and feel. We use pure white background without any shadows to draw attention to your products.If you want a different background color, we deliver transparent PNG's so you can add them post-production.

You can always get great product photos if you have a nice camera, invest in lighting equipment, take a product photography class, purchase photoshop, learn how to use photoshop with online tutorials… the list could go on. But as an entrepreneur, your main goal is to sell your products. We don’t think you should have to become a professional photographer to do so. Photo Studio is here to help.