The 7 Key Benefits of Weebly’s Updated Marketing Tools

Being a small business owner means wearing a lot of hats - and even being your own marketer sometimes. Under the Marketing tab, you’ll find a fresh look that’s easier than ever to manage all of your growing business' needs. You are now able to create automated emails based on goals, more easily upload CSV files and organize your contacts, create a customized email style, and attach a coupon to your lead capture form. And all that means less time worrying about building campaigns and more time spent creating great ideas.

Weebly Marketing tools come included with our Performance plan. You can also purchase an additional Marketing plan with any Weebly plan. Learn more about our new Marketing tools below.

  1. Fully integrated website and online store. It’s simpler than ever to set up your marketing plan using our redesigned Overview page. And because Weebly Marketing is now tightly integrated with your website and store, retargeting site visitors with Facebook Ads and sending email campaigns promoting best-selling products has never been easier.

  2. A new dashboard for a guided and unified experience. You can see a snapshot of your site right away, with a more user-friendly interface using our Marketing tools.

  3. An upgraded look and feel of the contacts page. Workflows are now more intuitive, including improving and simplifying the CSV uploading process. Now, the columns in your CSV files automatically map to columns within Weebly Marketing.

  4. Automated emails—redesigned. We’ve refreshed how you create an email that automatically goes out to your customers. Now, you’ll be able to design them based on your goals, such as “Connect with Contacts,” or “Bring Customers Back.” This will help you choose which email version is the best for your needs. You can also create an email with new or best-selling products and send it to a specified group to increase your sales.

  5. Create a style that’s all you. Now you can choose an email look that includes your logo, as well as a custom font, button color, and social icon shape for use in all of your emails. This makes it easier for you to set up and create blasts, sales and announcements, as well as ensure brand consistency throughout all of your communications with your brand followers.

  6. Easier than ever. It's super easy to create an email with our Drag and Drop Editor now—no HTML knowledge needed.

  7. Motivate your audience to connect with you. You can now attach a coupon to your lead capture form as a valuable incentive for visitors to share their email addresses with you. You can also set up an email automation that will send new contacts a welcome email with the coupon code for future use.

Now that you’re your own marketer, it’s easier than ever to get and understand data with tools that are guaranteed to help your business sell more. And that means less time worrying about maintaining your site and more time spent creating more great ideas.