The 2017 Weebly Holiday Gift Guide

Need some last minute gift ideas this holiday season? Look no further than the hand crafted products designed and sold by members of the Weebly community. Check out the top curated holiday gifts we discovered after searching through thousands of online stores. There's something for everyone on your list.

Here Are Some of Our Favorites:


DoubleKick ($8) is a caffeinated hot sauce that kicks food coma to the curb.


Use StayJax ($55) mats to keep your pup's paws off leather seats.


La Petite Occasion ($9) bacon bourbon maple caramels.


CA Makes ($32) hand welded hair pins from California.


Eunoia ($15) bold printed head wraps with a Puerto Rican flair.


BLAISEBARSHAW.COM ($18) coloring books of your favorite Pacific Northwestern cities.


Wax & Wane ($18) handmade candles from New York.


Xocolatl ($9) artisan chocolates from Atlanta.

We hope you find inspiration from these products created by small business owners. We’re grateful for the amazing online stores and websites our community has created using Weebly!