Weebly for Apple Watch

We love new technology and want to make sure you always have access to the latest tools and devices pushing the boundaries of mobile access and functionality. With this in mind, we are very excited to announce today’s release of Weebly for Apple Watch! Now you can monitor website traffic, manage blog comments and even check store orders and inventory right from your watch.

Download Weebly For Apple Watch

Weebly for Apple Watch is enabled automatically after installing the Weebly app on your iPhone. Apple has even featured our watch app in the Productivity section of the App Store!





Weebly for Apple Watch Features:

  • New interface designed specifically for the Apple Watch
  • Monitor website activity for all sites created with Weebly
  • Access statistics on daily and monthly visits with time period graphs for trend analysis.
  • Receive notifications for new blog comments with the ability to approve, delete, mark as spam or dismiss the comments directly from the watch screen.
  • Receive notifications when new orders arrive with detailed order information.

We hope you enjoy the new app. We want to bring an amazing website management experience to every device that you use. Let us know what you think about Weebly for Apple Watch in the comments. If you don’t have an Apple Watch, you can still manage your site from mobile by downloading Weebly for iPad and iPhone or Weebly for Android.