Meet Weebly’s New Suite of eCommerce Tools That Work Seamlessly Across Every Device

Welcome to the new back office (hint: it’s in your pocket).

It’s been six years since Weebly released the first version of our mobile app. For context, that’s when Carly Rae Jepsen’s ‘Call Me Maybe’ was blaring from every speaker imaginable. Back in 2012, Weebly’s industry-leading app allowed millions of site creators to make lightweight edits, check site traffic, and keep a watchful eye on a website or blog from their mobile device. It was the first step for DIY website creators to move away from their desk and to, well, wherever they wanted to go.

Fast forward to 2018, and while we’re still waiting for Carly Rae’s next hit, we’ve been hard at work reinventing our eCommerce platform and ensuring that crucial back office tasks can also be accomplished with the swipe or tap of your thumb on mobile. Our goal is for today’s small business owner to not only have unprecedented freedom, but also the effortless control to never miss a sale because they stepped away from their laptop to live a little.

With Weebly’s latest commerce enhancements focused on mobile, entrepreneurs can run their business on-the-go by allowing them to:

Manage all facets of shipping and print labels directly from the Weebly app:

  • Create, purchase, print and refund shipping labels from your phone, streamlining the laborious shipping process by bringing it one step closer to your packaging set-up. Also get up to 40% off USPS labels to leverage the same steep discounts as major retailers.

Instantly respond to customer questions from your phone:

  • With Facebook Messenger now embedded into Weebly sites, you can rapidly reply from any device to inbound questions about products- like color, size or delivery options- to ensure shoppers get quick customer support and make sure you never lose a customer or miss a sale.

Build credibility with customer reviews:

  • Approve customer reviews from mobile the moment they are submitted, helping build brand love from current customers and store credibility to new site visitors.

Create marketing campaigns on-the-go:

  • Effortlessly create branded coupon codes from your phone to help capture a new audience, bring back former customers, or give a discount to your friends, family or favorite barista.

Edit your store and products:

  • Fully edit your store from product listings and pricing to photos, from any device.



We’re focusing on freedom and flexibility because we see first hand that online sellers want it. In the last year, there has been a 75% increase in people using the Weebly mobile app to manage their orders and a 120% increase in online sellers managing their products (adding images to products, editing products, adding and deleting products).

This enhanced functionality was built so Weebly customers can sell more, wherever their work and life take them. With customer reviews for example, new Weebly data shows stores with at least one approved product review more than doubled their total sales dollars compared to similarly trafficked stores with no reviews. And 70% of Weebly stores had increased total sales within 6 months after one product review compared to the 6 months prior. If a customer had a great experience, approve that review immediately and send them a reply of gratitude. Someone leave a bad review? Immediately respond with excellent customer service by creating a coupon code on the fly.

Serial entrepreneur, Paige Curtis, behind Alibi Interiors and her recently launched new brand, Hunter says she didn’t quit her day job to go from one desk at an office to another desk at home. The ability to run her business in a stream in Big Sur, California or deep in a vintage store sourcing her next find, is what gave her the desire and ability to launch a second business on Weebly.

“While away on a girls weekend, I was able to easily create a coupon code for my customers to drive new sales. I was also able to manage my products (price adjustments, upload new photos, remove sold items) while relaxing in Big Sur, which is especially important because I’m still working out the kinks for Hunter and tweaking the online store 24/7.”

We are excited to help small business owners like Paige and the millions of entrepreneurs on Weebly take control of their work by allowing them to run their online stores effortlessly from anywhere. To imagine, there was a time when running your own online business ‘on-the-go’ meant crouching for an outlet at a crowded coffee shop. Now it’s as simple pulling your phone out of your pocket.

Get your side hustle online and growing in no time. Weebly’s quick and intuitive website editor can get your store up-and-running quickly. Run your business anytime, anywhere with Weebly. Sign up and start selling today.