Weebly eCommerce 1.1 is live!

We are proud to announce the first major update to Weebly eCommerce this year with today’s release of eCommerce 1.1. This update includes everything from brand new features to light workflow tweaks designed to simplify and improve the store management process. Here’s a breakdown of the major elements that we think you’ll enjoy the most.

Coupon Builder


The coupon builder gives you everything you need to create and manage a powerful couponing system right from your store dashboard. Drive more sales and keep customers coming back with fully customized coupons for everything in your store inventory.

The new coupon interface allows you to tailor new coupons by code, date, and quantity. You can drill down further with advanced settings, allowing you to define discount type (percentage based or dollar-based) and criteria (all orders, orders over a certain amount, only certain products, only certain categories). The new coupon feature even calculates free shipping coupons based on distribution locations.


The coupon builder dashboard lets you easily manage multiple coupons. Track dates and other measures with a super simple management interface.

The coupon builder is available as part of the Business Plan.

Product Options


We’ve reimagined the Product Options experience and created a more intuitive interface for generating and organizing product options for your store. We wanted to give you a better way to create and manage multiple SKUs while allowing you to build detailed product segments.

The new experience makes it easy to build accurate product options based on size, color, or any other product modification. Your input will generate multiple SKUs automatically, drastically improving bulk product variant creation and editing.

Once your SKUs are created, keyboard-based navigation through each field makes it easy to edit and tweak your product options post assignment. Anyone who remembers product options editing from the first eCommerce release will definitely appreciate these changes!

Personalized Email


You can now include custom messaging in default emails sent to your store customers. Located in the store settings interface, the new email dashboard allows you to edit email header and footer content in order to provide a customer experience tailored specifically to your store brand.

Additional features include one-click test email setup and a custom reply-to address.

Notification Box


We know that managing and building a store can be daunting, so we’ve introduced a lightweight notification system designed to assist, but not get in the way, of your wonderful work.

Notifications focus on important pending issues (like SSL or Stripe connections) based on your store’s current status. You won’t be spammed by irrelevant or unnecessary messages.

Yeah, there’s more...

Some more additions from eCommerce 1.1 that we think you’ll find helpful

  • Set Category Image - If you don’t have a specific image for your category this feature will use the first product image in the category as the default. This saves a setup step and helps improve storefront visuals.
  • Vertical Category Listing - You can now move category listings into a vertical navigation position. This feature is especially useful if you have a large number of categories to display.


Vertical Categories

It’s important to note that many of the eCommerce 1.1 changes came as a direct result of your feedback! We hope these latest updates help you build an amazing online store with greater flexibility, security, and more easily than ever before.

Now go give it a shot, and let us know what you think!