Run Your Business On-the-Go with the Weebly App and Mobile Tools

Running you business from your mobile phone has never been easier. Weebly's mobile app contains a full suite of features for building and editing your website, and so much more than that. Within the Weebly mobile app, you can track your orders and inventory, monitor comments on your products and blogs and view real-time website statistics.

One of the most useful features is the notifications. What better feeling than feeling your phone buzz and looking down to see a new sale? You can watch in real time as your business grows, and respond to sudden increases or decreases in sales. For iOS, Make sure you turn on the notifications feature when you are setting up your Weebly mobile app to receive updates. Android users will already be opted in for notifications.


Monitoring website statistics is also super handy from within the Weebly app.


But some features, like email marketing campaigns, require accessing the Weebly website from a browser like Chrome. This can still be accomplished right from your phone. Just steer your mobile browser to and log in from there. If you use Facebook or Google to log in, make sure you have your phone in landscape mode or else you might not see the correct login button.

Once logged in, you will have access to all the features of Weebly that are normally available from a desktop computer, including advanced email marketing options.


Download the Weebly app today.


But if you are truly commanding your business remotely, there are a few more tools which can help outside of the Weebly app. Here are some great third-party apps that every creative entrepreneur on-the-go should consider.

Payment Processor: Square

If you're looking for a solution to accept offline sales at the farmers market or at a craft trade show, for example, Square is perfect for you. What makes Square stand out as the go-to app for processing payments is its simplicity. The user interface is downright intuitive. And beneath the layer of simplicity designed for day-to-day sales is a powerful system to deal with more complicated business matters. No matter what kind of payment you might take, from cash to check to credit card, it's all right there. If you need to apply discounts, gift cards, payment in kind, you can document it all and adjust your inventory with a few taps of the screen.


Square makes it incredibly easy to process payments on the go. Plus, Weebly has a deep integration with Square allowing you sync your online and offline payments.

Saving Notes and Files: Evernote

When you're out and about and a thought occurs to you, what are you going to do? You need to write it down. Evernote is the best app for keeping track of all your on-the-go business ideas. From text to voice to pictures, just add them to Evernote. You can even annotate pictures right within the software. You can search all your notes like your own private Google. Optical character recognition will try to read the text from pictures and add that to your search results as well. Evernote is also continuously synced across all your devices.

Want to save an article and read it offline later? Use Evernote. Want to save an mp3 file that will sync to all your devices? Use Evernote. Got a video file, a PDF or a file type that nobody has ever heard of before? Well, as long as it isn't incredibly huge, Evernote has you covered. Just attach it to a note.

Universal search is a breakthrough in productivity, and while Evernote isn't the only service to offer it, it may be the best. Make sure you kick the tires and see if it works with your personality.

Secure Communications: Signal

Privacy is the name of the game when it comes to messaging apps. The competition is fierce, but Signal gets the nod due because it is open source, trusted by journalists around the world and recommended by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF). It can do voice chat, video chat, text chat and even send self-destructing messages. All of this is encrypted from end-to-end, which is considered the gold standard in communications privacy. If you're communicating about your business on-the-go, try Signal for extra security.

VPN Service: Private Internet Access (PIA) VPN

Whether from mobile or laptop, if you connect to public WiFi, security experts highly recommend that you use an encrypted VPN connection. This is because hackers sometimes have a way to intercept data on these public networks. It is a serious threat, and many hacks begin this way. With an encrypted connection provided by a quality VPN, your hacker may intercept your data, but it will just be encrypted nonsense and completely useless.

Setting up a VPN may sound complicated, but it is not. With Private Internet Access, NordVPN and TorGuard, it's as simple as downloading an app. Just flip a switch and bam — you're both secure and anonymous.

Cloud File Sharing: Dropbox

The simplicity of shared folders is a must for many business owners. Drop a file in, and everyone with that folder has access with Dropbox. Share folders with family, with coworkers and some with clients. Using their services is far less clunky than sending attachments through email.

But there's one caveat to keep in mind. With cloud file sharing, you are trading security for simplicity. Giving so many people access to these files means that a single mistake by someone else could expose all your data. At this time, users must choose their level of comfort when it comes to cloud file sharing. Some services can be much more secure than others, but you make sacrifices in convenience. Try a few out and decide which you like best.

Document, Data and Accounting Collaboration: Airtable

With several approaches to team collaboration available, you'll have to figure out which service works best for you. For live collaboration of a single document, many people choose the simplicity of Google Docs. But some teams will get a lot more mileage out of collaborative spreadsheets.

Airtable is not only beautiful, it makes creating and using tables simple for those who are uncomfortable in Excel. But there are some tradeoffs for the power user. If you require more advanced functions, you may have to use Office 365 or Google Sheets.

As you can see, there are numerous apps both within Weebly and through third-party services that make it easy to stay on top of your business when you're on-the-go. By using these apps, you can easily and efficiently run your business from your phone.