Website Tweaks to Help Attract Millennials to Your Site

Every blogger, small business owner and marketer is looking for ways to connect with millennials. This generation encompasses $1.3 trillion in annual buying power – a key reason why everyone wants to reach this demographic.

And the key is authenticity. Millennials don't want to be advertised to. This media-savvy group expects you to provide a solid user experience on your website that establishes trust and a reason to engage.

Here are a few ways you can tweak your website design to do just that.

1. Make an Emotional Connection

A millennial audience, more than almost any other generation, wants to actually connect with your website. They are used to interactions on social media and creating relationships with people and brands they haven't always met in person.

“If there's something businesses should know, it's that in order for millennials to be loyal to your brand, they have to really connect with your brand," writes Bill Carmody in Inc. magazine.

The best way to do that is through authentic storytelling. Use your website to tell your story and let shoppers or readers share their stories as well. Create a community around the thing that ties you together.

Strong images are a good way to start telling this story. Use a few key, high-quality images throughout your web design that emphasize this connection.

Quick fix: Include an About Us page that explains who you are and why you created this website, product or service. Make sure to include a photo of you or your team to show the human side of your business. Add a website footer with a physical address if you have one, phone number and email address so that customers can contact you directly. No one likes to interact with a phantom company.

2. Provide Data

Millennials have Google at their fingertips. They will call your bluff if information seems suspect.

So, back up product claims with data and information. Support written testimonials with images of the people who submitted them. Ask you customers for reviews in the Weebly platform by simply dragging and dropping any one of the review apps onto your website's product pages. Broadly's free Reviews app, the Social Reviews app, and the 5 Star Rating System can all be found in the Weebly App Center.

Stay away from stock images or claims that aren't supported. Your authenticity will quickly be called into question.

Quick fix: Data isn't just facts and figures. Create a video tutorial that shows how to use a product or include a detailed list of frequently asked questions. Develop this content and add it to your website.

3. Make It Easy

This audience is used to technology and isn't going to mess around with websites that offer poor user experiences, technical glitches or don't work smoothly.

It's important to think about the number of clicks it takes for each user to perform the goal action on your website. Get them there as soon as possible. Make key products and information easy to find. (Put it on the homepage or in the navigation.)

Include search elements just in case someone gets lost. Keep in mind that websites that aren't easy to use and don't function quickly will be abandoned first.

Quick fix: Streamline forms and checkout options so that you only ask for necessary information and get shoppers to the checkout as quickly as possible. Double check your settings in your online shop by configuring your Weebly checkout flow.

4. Optimize for Mobile

In 2018, more than half of all the world's internet traffic is via mobile device, and 92 percent of millennials own a smartphone. One in five Americans is a smartphone only user without a desktop computer at home. So you can pretty much guarantee that's where millennials are browsing and shopping.

Is your website equipped to handle this traffic for all features and functionality?

Quick fix: If you have a Weebly website, you're all set. Every Weebly template is optimized to work beautifully on mobile devices. (Smile, you're ahead of the game.)


When it comes to a millennial audience, authenticity and ease of use are the two most important considerations for your website. Connect with customers by telling a real story, encouraging engagement and backing it up with facts. Paint a picture with authentic imagery. Make the website easy to use and ensure that it's mobile friendly.

It might sound like a tall order, but the chances are that you are already doing some of these things, and a few web design tweaks might be all it takes to ensure you are engaging with this key demographic. (I am a millennial and can attest that each of these web design elements influences my choice to keep engaging with a website or not.)