Updated Pages Interface and Slideshow Image Links

We just released a couple new features: a refreshed Pages tab and the ability to link images in a slide show.

The old Pages tab could become unwieldy with a large amount of pages, and it was a bit cluttered and unfriendly. With the new Pages interface we've just released, it's a lot easier to manage a long list of pages, quickly see which pages are hidden or password protected, and set a link to an external site.


Another highly requested feature is making its debut today: the ability to link images in a slideshow. A slideshow can be a perfect introduction to your site, showcasing the various sections in an appealing graphical format. You can now create links for each of the images, so that visitors can click them and be directed to that particular area.

We're working on a few really big features for Weebly, but until those are ready to be released, we wanted to tackle a couple common, simple requests. And even though we only blog about larger features, we're fixing bugs and tweaking things every day.

As always, we're deeply appreciative that you've chosen Weebly to create your website -- especially those of you who have upgraded to Pro or purchased a domain name. We're working hard day in and day out to make Weebly an incredibly easy, fun and powerful way for you to get online.