Theme Spotlight: Impact, Dusk and Birdseye

As a business owner, blogger or website builder, you want good-looking themes that show off your products or personal brand. You want usable designs that help your visitors quickly find what they need. You also want a website that works on every screen, from desktop to smartphone.

To help you get everything you need from a website theme, we've been updating our top themes to make them even more useful and attractive.

Today, we'll look at the latest versions of Impact, Dusk and Birdseye. We've made each one responsive, which means they'll automatically adapt to any screen-size, so you don't have to worry about readability issues for visitors or customers on mobile devices.



Besides the new responsive design, we've updated Impact's fonts, upgraded the color palettes, tightened up the layout and even overhauled the full width header to help bring your content to life. To top it off, the Store section is laid out on a grid for easy-to-scan product shots and improved information display.
Marthe Mekuria uses Impact to share her art with the world in a way that's simultaneously accessible and sophisticated. The large banner image really sets the tone and brings her personality forward. Impact makes it easy for visitors to see her entire catalogue of work and purchase her pieces directly with a sharply designed shopping cart and smooth checkout experience.

Make Impact your theme and impress visitors with a new site design.



Dusk delivers the design character necessary to make a big statement to your audience. The smartly-positioned site title highlights a strong homepage banner section built perfectly for your hero images.

Dusk also received some font love and a new color palette, as well as a revamped header and an improved layout.

E-Z Eat chose Dusk to highlight its innovative product. Dusk helps the company tell its inspirational story with well designed slideshows and embedded video.

Get started with Dusk today, it's easy to preview your content on Dusk (or any new theme) directly from the Theme Gallery. You can switch back and forth between themes without loosing your work.



Birdseye was first announced two years ago and has been a popular theme ever since. To provide the update it deserved, we took a close look at some key design elements.

Birdseye combines Dusk's beauty with Impact's sense of urgency. Where Dusk draws the eye downward for navigation, which makes for a stunning opening shot, Birdseye keeps the site title and navigation at the top, providing an early focus on the navigation menu with a dramatic full width header image.

The new version includes redesigned store categories, fade-in animation for headlines and a gorgeous splash page.

Readydesk uses Birdseye's strengths to create an impressive eCommerce experience. The site opens with a great photo, strong headline and clear call-to-action elements that let visitors understand and purchase products directly from the homepage.

Learn more about Birdseye and try it with your site.

We hope you enjoy the updates to Impact, Dusk and Birdseye. With these refreshed themes, you can make a great first impression and keep your audience interested on every device. Share your thoughts about these themes in the comments!