I woke up this morning to an email by Sid congratulating me on being TechCrunch’d. I was honestly quite surprised that I hadn’t received any notifications that our site went down, and our cluster seemed to be handling things admirably — in part, this was due to the fact that we limited user signups to 1,000, so we didn’t have too many concurrent users.

It’s a great feeling, but we still have a ways to go. We’re very excited about what we’ll be able to accomplish in the next couple months — we’re listening to your feedback, and many of our changes are directly related to feedback we received from our users.

We know many of you have been trying to sign up, and have been placed in the queue. As of this post, we have a little bit over 2,000 users in our queue. We’re adding an extra server to our cluster very soon, and we’ll be sending out invitations every 4 hours in batches of 200 before then. Depending on our server load, we might move a bit faster.

Please bear with us while we grow. These limitations are temporary and are in place to make sure that every registered user can actually use our site, and that we don’t go down.

Here’s a tip: We know it can be frustrating to sign-up only to be told that your information has been added to a waiting list, but if you contact us, we should be able to work things out.

Last, we had several sites that covered us early on — these include Rev2 (Post 1, Post 2), Go2Web2 Blog (Post 1), Jinfoo (Post 1, Post 2, Tutorial) and Wappblog (1, 2, 3, 4, 5). Thanks guys.