Splash Page Designs: How to Create a Professional 'Coming Soon' Landing Page

Preparing to sell online can be a process. First you set goals, then choose a domain, then describe your business and finally create and articulate a unique value proposition for customers to choose your brand over alternatives.

What too many online sellers miss is that this process has to begin long before you turn your digital open for business sign on. A well-designed 'coming soon', or splash, landing page can give you a powerful tool for cultivating interest while you build the infrastructure of your eCommerce business. Here's a closer look at the four things you'll need to create a high-performing splash page.

What's the goal for your business? What is it you're selling? What will your brand be like? These are all key questions that need answering before you start selling, and they'll help inform the look and feel of your site and store — all of which begins with a standout logo. Don't rush the process, and hire a professional designer if you need to. (Or follow these tips if you're the DIY type.) Crafting your logo is a multi-faceted process that includes picking the right font and color mix. Keep in mind that the colors and font for your logo will help form the basis for all other text on your site once it launches.

Step 2: Create a Newsletter and an Easy Way to Subscribe

Did you know that before sports and culture commentator Bill Simmons launched The Ringer online he had a dedicated newsletter, collecting thousands of email addresses and social media followers before launching even the first page of his site? Do yourself a favor and copy his strategy. Your landing page should live at a relevant domain — ideally, yourbusiness.com — and include a sentence or two describing your planned offering and unique value. Underneath, place a button to pop up a form where visitors can enter their information and subscribe. Set a schedule for creating and sending out your newsletter, and then send consistently. Weebly Promote can help ensure your newsletter and site designs match while also nudging you to meet your publishing deadlines.

Step 3: Add a Clever Title

You've set up your domain, now you need a title for your landing page. Make it snappy and memorable. Say you're planning to sell farm-fresh cheeses you make yourself on your farm in rural Wyoming. "The Cheese Wiz" could work. "Cheesy Peasy" works if your selling proposition is to make artisanal cheeses accessible. Whatever you decide, make sure the title connects to your name and what your business does. Most importantly, create a title that's both clever and descriptive enough that a potential customer would use the term to search for a product like yours.

Step 4: Enhance your Landing Page with a Background Image

A good brand has a unique look and feel. An interesting background image can provide that effect, especially if the image links to your company name and value proposition. Again, say you're about to be in the cheese business. Imagine a split-screen splash page background photo of you milking one of your cows at the top, with a separate photo of you at the bottom holding a bucket of milk, circled with an arrow pointing to it and the words "we use this to make cheese" emblazoned in your font and colors. What would that say about your business? At the very least there would be no mistaking what you offer, increasing the odds that newsletter sign-ups will lead to real business.

Your "coming soon" page does not need to be complicated or perfect. Check off the basics. Get your logo up, install a form for collecting email addresses, start sending out a newsletter and add a clever title and background image that reflects your brand and unique selling proposition.

The sales will come. Focus on cultivating an audience first.

Ready to create your splash page?