Site Upgrade

We’ve made quite a bit of progress over the past few weeks, and have finally pushed all of our changes to the main site. Although too many to inumerate individually, we’ve fixed many, many bugs and added quite a few new features. Thank you all for your feedback — we’ve listened, and implemented the most requested additions, including:

  • Many enhancements to the text-editor to make it more user friendly (thanks Eric and Rahul).
  • Additional elements and themes, including the YouTube and video elements.
  • An enhanced theme selection page.
  • Many slight tweeks to the user-interface, making it even easier to use, such as a confirmation box before deleting an element, and an improved linking tool.

Total, we’ve fixed over 40 bugs since our last release. What’s coming up next? Expect a new user introduction, the ability to change theme options (such as uploading a header picture), undo and redo buttons for the text editor, and more elements. I’ll be updating our To-Do checklist to the right over the next day, so you can continue to follow our development progress.