Meet SimpleChat: Live Chat From Your Phone

Your customers have questions, but when they visit your website they often leave before asking them, which can hurt your business and impact sales.

Today we’re announcing SimpleChat, an easy to use service that gives you the power to answer questions in real-time via text message. It's a fast and easy way to provide amazing customer service on your website, from wherever you are, and on your own schedule.

We’re offering a special 14-day free trial of SimpleChat so you can get started today.

Try SimpleChat Free

How does it work? Your customers can ask questions through a live chat window located in the lower right hand corner of your website. You’ll get a text message on your phone when a customer wants to chat. If you’re available, you can start texting back while your customer responds from the chat window on your website.

SimpleChat is only $8/month after the 14-day free trial and is billed annually once your trial ends. At this time, SimpleChat only supports 10-digit North American phone numbers. Once enabled, SimpleChat settings are available directly from the Site Builder. The SimpleChat Help Article walks through installation and management.





SimpleChat Features

  • Chat securely - Built with security in mind so you’re protected against bots and spammers.
  • Simple Phone Management - Start and end chats directly from your phone via text.
  • Control Availability - Turn chat availability on and off so you don’t drop chats when you’re busy with something else.
  • Simultaneous Chats - Run up to 3 chats at a time.
  • Easy Setup - Get started in minutes and manage it all from the Site Builder.
  • Custom Branding - Change chat window colors and text to match your brand.

We know that running a website and business can be hard. SimpleChat was designed to give you the flexibility and freedom you need to answer your customers’ questions before they leave and help your business grow. Give it a try and tell us what you think in the comments!