New Feature: Sell Personalized Products with Custom Text

Custom text option in add product dashboard

Now there’s a better way to sell personalized items like engraved jewelry, custom apparel and specialized gifts with the new custom text option available in your Store Dashboard.

This new eCommerce feature lets your customers enter a custom message before adding items to their cart for checkout. Customers can see the text input box directly on the product page.


The custom text option gives you more control over items that require special input from the customer at the individual product level, and gives your shoppers a better buying experience by making it easy and straightforward to provide this input.

This feature is available for Starter, Pro and Business plans whenever you add or edit a product. You can find custom text under product options in the edit product screen. Set a custom title (like Name or Engraving) and maximum text length to control how much text customers can enter. You can also make custom text input required for purchase or add multiple text input boxes.

After entering text, your customers will have a second chance to review their entry from the cart right before checkout. If necessary, they’ll be able to go back and make changes before the final purchase. Submitted custom text will also be displayed on the customer receipt and order information in your Store tab. If you’ve been using the note to seller field for customized products it might be a good time to switch to this new feature!

In addition to custom text we’ve also added the new services product type. If you provide a service you can now select this option and tailor your store to a service offering instead of physical and digital products.

We hope these eCommerce tools help you continue to grow your online store. We will be making more upgrades and adding more features to the eCommerce platform throughout the year, so stay tuned for some exciting updates!