Seasonal Promotion Tips to Start the New Year with a Bang

The clock strikes midnight, the final notes of Auld Lang Syne fade, and a new year begins. As an entrepreneur, you're excited to take on new opportunities and push for growth in 2022. If your goals include growing your audience and increasing sales, kicking things off with a seasonal marketing campaign can be a great way to start your new year.

Whether your business is just taking off or you're a veteran entrepreneur, these tips will help you leverage unique content, offers, and marketing channels to set your business up for success while living through these unprecedented times.

Target the right buyer personas

When defining who you'd like to target with a seasonal campaign, resist the urge to broadly appeal to everyone — doing so can ruin your chances of appealing to anyone. Dive into the components of buyer personas that will help you find the right fit for your seasonal campaign message.

Create timely social content

Creating seasonal content for your social media channels can be relatively painless, if you know where to look. Our ideas include using customer testimonials, behind-the-scenes images, relevant tips to your industry, or running a giveaway contest to promote your business.

Drive sales with gift cards

Gift cards are a fun way to promote your product or services, engage with new customers, and create buzz around your seasonal promotion. Once you've created custom gift cards, follow our tips to entice customers by marketing them across your website.

Close the deal with coupon codes

Everyone loves a deal and a majority of shoppers will seek out coupons before making a purchase. Read on for a quick walkthrough on creating coupon codes, and four ways to get them in front of seasonal shoppers.

Nail down email marketing

One third of email recipients decide if they should open an email based on the subject line. Crafting the perfect seasonal message is all about hooking attention, and these best practices will help your email marketing promotions succeed.

Getting a jump on the new year with a seasonal promotion that has a targeted audience, features unique content, and includes smart and enticing offers will have you boosting your online store traffic and sales in no time.