Safari/Chrome compatibility, Nabble forums, and more

I'm happy to finally announce full compatibility with Safari 3+ on Windows and Mac and Google Chrome. Although Weebly has been cross-platform since the beginning with Firefox, you can now use Weebly if your browser of choice is Safari or Google Chrome.


We've also released a new feature: Nabble forums. Under the "More" tab, you can now add forums to your site by dragging on the "Nabble forums" icon!

This release also incorporates quite a few bug fixes and small updates, while we work hard to continue making Weebly the easiest and friendliest possible way to make a website.

We also want to officially welcome Justin and Drew to the team. Justin is our in-house designer and master of slick UIs. He's working hard on making everything look good, and has designed a ton of brand new themes that we're releasing soon.

Drew is arguably the first Weebly to relocate to join us, and for that we're very grateful. He's made the move from Arizona to Sausalito, and is working on adding new features and fixing bugs. For the next couple weeks, he'll be working on a new re-design of the site, which we hope to launch soon.

All of us are working non-stop to make Weebly the best web site creation experience out there. We're listening closely to your feedback and suggestions, and are working on the top features you've requested. Thanks again for using Weebly, and be sure to let us know if there's anything we can do to make it better for you!