Monthly Release Notes September 2018

We’re excited to share some exciting new features and tools to help our community of entrepreneurs succeed. As you may be getting ready for the holiday selling season, we hope that these features, like in-store pickup and coupon insights, help you get ready for selling with success.

Get Past Common Hurdles With Our Pre-Launch Membership

At Weebly, our mission is to help the world’s entrepreneurs succeed and we know that sometimes the hardest part about launching your business is figuring out where to start and how to stay on track. That’s why we are excited to launch the beta our Pre-Launch Membership which is for people who have a product or idea for their business, but they need help getting started. Our Pre-Launch Membership features our Business Starter Guide which has step by step guidance and exercises to help you achieve your goal of launching your online business. We also help you get started with a free custom domain for a year, a coming soon landing page, pricing wizard and more.

We are also growing our invite only Weebly Seller Network as part of the Pre-Selling Membership so that you can connect with like minded entrepreneurs who are celebrating similar milestones.

You can learn more about the Pre-Launch Membership, here.

Order Online, Pickup In-Store

You may have heard the buzzword “omnichannel” thrown around in recent years. Basically, being omnichannel is when businesses can sell in multiple channels (online and in-person) and give their customers the flexibility to, for example, order online and pick up in-store in person. In the past, omnichannel was something only accessible to the big guys, but now, Weebly is making omnichannel selling more accessible to entrepreneurs like you. With this new feature release we are giving your customers the ability to purchase an item from your online store and pick it up at your physical store. This means that your customers can buy from you 24/7, even outside normal business hours. Your store is always open with Weebly.

To activate this feature go to Online Store -> Setup -> Pickup. You can define the location and pickup times when pickup is available, specify order prep time and whether a product is available for pickup, shipping or both. You can even allow users to schedule pickups if you want.
This feature is available for Weebly Online Store users on Performance plans.

Upgrade to Performance

Manage Your Business On the Go With Shipping Management From the Weebly App

Life as a business owner is not your standard 9 to 5 behind a computer screen. You’re on the go, meeting with clients, vendors, suppliers. That’s why we are constantly improving our Weebly app for iOS and Android with important tools to allow business owners run and grow their business. We’re excited to announce the ability to setup, purchase and print shipping labels, all from your mobile phone or table.
Upgrade or download the Weebly app for iOS or Android.

Make Smarter Discount Decisions with Coupon Insights

Coupons can be a great tool to use to drive first time or repeat purchases of products and services on your website. But it’s also important to have the ability to track coupon performance like the number redeemed, attributed sales and discount amounts. That’s why we’ve added more coupon insights within Insights under the Sales tab. With this feature, you’ll be able to compare coupon performance and make smarter decisions around coupons - especially as you gear up for the holiday selling season.

This feature is available to all Business and Performance plan subscribers.

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Thanks for reading and as always, let us know about your experience!