Weebly Release Notes: New Features and Apps from November

It’s officially selling season and we worked extra hard in November to launch exciting new features to help you make the most out of the holidays this year.

  • Product Reviews - Build your store’s reputation and increase sales with automated product review requests. This feature makes it easy to generate reviews from your best customers and publish them on your website. Available with the Business Plan and above.
  • Sale Badge / Sale Banner - Use graphics and text to call shoppers' attention to product promotions. You can create a sale category on your store’s top nav or generate a sale badge for specific product images. Available for Starter Plan and above.
  • Out of Stock Badge - Display "Currently out of Stock" messaging on product detail pages when inventory reaches zero. You can find this feature in Product Settings.
  • Product Scarcity - If inventory's running low you can set scarcity indicators for different products with low stock banner messaging.
  • Apple and Android Pay rolled out 100% - For Apple and Android users, mobile pay provides faster checkout options during the holiday season – a big plus for your busy shoppers.

An impressive group of new App Center apps also pushed live in November, covering everything from social reviews to slider design.

  • H+ Tag - Add h1 through h6 tags to your site - Free.
  • Image Slider - Add a slideshow gallery to your site - Free to $19/year.
  • Anchor - Smooth scroll to anchor feature for your pages - $5.
  • Icon Pack - Over 1400 fully customizable icons, colors, hover effects, box settings and text additions - $5.
  • The Pop Up - Beautiful drag & drop pop up windows - $10.
  • Content Tabs - Premium drag & drop content tabs - $10.
  • Instagram Reviews - A new and powerful tool from Elfsight that presents real-life customer feedback on your site with eye-catching design - $4.99 to $47.88/year.
  • The Tabs - Create fully customized tabs for your site - $10.
  • Elf Social Icons - 50+ predefined social media icons - $3.99 to $35.88/year
  • Elf Pricing Tables - A simple app to show pricing - $4.99 to $47.88/year
  • Elf Store Locator - An intuitive tool for creating maps - $4.99 to $47.88/year
  • Facebook Share - Let your visitors share your content - $3.99 to $35.88 / year
  • X Slider - Create a variety of sliders, including Header Sliders, Full-Width Sliders, Full Screen Sliders and more - $15.
  • Share Buttons - 50+ social share buttons - $3.99 to $35.88/month.
  • Stay22 - Access over 7 million bookable listings from suppliers like Airbnb, Expedia, and Priceline - Free
  • Facebook Feed - Embed Facebook content on your website - $4.99 to $47.88/year
  • Facebook Comments - Post Facebook comments from your website - $3.99 to $35.88/year
  • Facebook Like One - Add a like button to your site - $3.99 to $35.88/year